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Thank you for visiting My Hypnotic Domain, the marketplace of one of the internet's finest and sexiest hypnotists, Mistress Carol. Erotic hypnosis is hypnosis with a sexual component and Mistress Carol is simply one of the best in the industry at taking you deep into trance and turning you on. Mistress Carol excels at deep trance, submission training, and mental fantasies. She is also a professional clinical hypnotherapist. My Hypnotic Domain has a large variety of recorded erotic hypnosis sessions available for purchase, live Skype sessions for one-on-one trance experiences with Mistress Carol, and Online Domination. Please take your time and browse through this extensive library of sessions and if you have any questions, visit the FAQ page or submit respectful inquiries to Mistress Carol at [email protected]

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"It is obvious that you truly care about your subjects, their well-being and experiences. Moreover, I can trust that there will not be any unwelcome hidden suggestions in any of your files. You are very upfront and honest about everything. I can trance without worry and still be surprised by the triggers or sensations contained within your tracks. Your personal touch and regard for your subjects are truly what keeps me coming back to you over other Hypnotists. Thank you."

"With you I feel extraordinarily safe and comfortable. I also feel very weak and helpless starting immediately when i hear the sound of your voice. It is like I'm standing at the top of a diving board, tons of anticipation, excitement and thrill. And then I put the headphones on, step off the edge, and simply listen and enjoy the thrill ride. I never have the ability to stop, once I've heard the sound of your voice. Your voice overwhelms me with pleasure and submission. Many times, I hear phrases and suggestions that I've never remembered before. This thrills me so much. Pleasure and excitement. Bliss and relaxation. Your voice. Totally outside what I would do, but yet, totally within how much control I want you to have over me. You make it so easy. You are an escape away from reality. You are like a very powerful drug. You are like a voice from within my own mind. More powerful than me. More knowledgeable then me. More than me."


"I love Mistress Carol’s hypnosis and vivid imagination. Her voice weaves the most wonderful experiences of fantasy and hypnosis I’ve ever encountered."


“Mistress Carol, I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am to have the opportunity to trance with you. You have given me the greatest comfort to be able to fully express this side of myself and I’m eager to submit as much as I can to your hypnotic control. I love becoming your submissive boy whenever I am able. Your trances are the best I’ve experienced in over 10 years of trance and they keep getting better as I condition to your control.”


“Your files are outstanding. I’ve never been hypnotized before and your files did the trick. Now I drop into trance immediately as soon as I hear your voice.”

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