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Where to Start

Welcome to My Hypnotic Domain, the marketplace home to one of the internet's sexiest hypnotists, Mistress Carol. I'm sure you are anxious to get started on your adventure into Mistress Carol's hypnotic control.  Let's get started.

If you look to your left, you will see a menu of choices. Mistress Carol graciously offers several free sessions for you to try. This is an excellent place to start. From there, click on the link for "Erotic Hypnosis Recordings". Here you will discover many session types for you to choose from. What do you enjoy most?  Deep trance, submission training, fantasy role play? Click on the link that intrigues you. You will now find all of Mistress Carol's sessions that pertain to this particular genre.  Mistress Carol has produced many wonderful erotic hypnosis recordings. Read the reviews and the session descriptions and see which recordings attract you. You may also respectfully contact Mistress Carol at [email protected] 

Also check out the "Discounted Sessions" page. This is where all of Mistress Carol's discounted sessions can be found. Jump in and let your journey begin.

Still not sure what to purchase? Mistress Carol has a few of her favorites to recommend to you. They are listed below.

The Ultimate Schooled by Mistress Bundle (Eight sessions drastically reduced to $49.95)

Obsolete (Deep trance)

Metamorphosis (Deep trance)

Zero (Deep trance fan favorite)

Touch It (JOI)

CEI Bundle (Three for the price of one)

Spasm (HFO)

Sea of Submission (Submission training)

Hook Line and Sinker (Deep trance trigger training)

Seven Days of Chastity Hell (Chastity hypnosis)

Oblivious  (Deep trance training)

Enter the Deep  (Deep trance training)

Just Breathe in 3D  (Deep trance and relaxation)

CONCEDE (Deep trance)