Periodically I receive messages from listeners who are experiencing overload from my hypnosis sessions.  I want to address the things you can and should do when erotic hypnosis interferes with your life. 

I want my hypnosis sessions to enhance your life, not take it over.  If you are finding that my hypnosis sessions are becoming addictive, overwhelming or interfering with your life structure, the first thing you should do is stop listening.  You may find if you back away for a while you automatically adjust and can enter into listening again at a slower less infringing pace.  If you are extremely suggestible or have an addictive personality there can be a point where you are listening too much or letting hypnosis time encroach upon your personal life structure.  As I said, I want my hypnosis sessions to enhance your life, not take it over.  There are also personalities, even though they want to be devoted to me, simply can’t handle the intensity of it.  If you find you are becoming anxious or uncomfortable with my session content or how my sessions are affecting you, stop listening.  There is a possibility it’s simply not for you and that’s okay.  Realize what you are doing and if it’s interfering with your daily life, stop.

Though I haven’t had to go to this extreme, if you find you are having difficulty letting go of unhealthy erotic hypnosis listening habits, I can create a session to help you to wean yourself from your dependence on it.  I put the suggestions into you.  I can take them out again.  If you find you are struggling with negative emotions such as guilt or anxiety when listening to my hypnosis, my sessions are not for you.  I want you to enjoy deep relaxation, loss of control, escapism, wellbeing, eroticism, sensuality, positivity and sexy mind control when you listen to my creations.  If you are getting something else entirely, it may be time to move on.

If you aren’t sure what you are experiencing, contact me.  I can help you wade through any uncertainty and help you find even ground, even if that means recommending you give up my sessions.  A good slave is a healthy slave and that good health includes your emotional, mental and physical health.  Take a time out and think about what you are experiencing as opposed to what you want to experience.  If you find you are not in a healthy space it’s time to make some changes and if you need help doing it, contact me at [email protected].  Happy new year and may you experience joy and blessings in 2019.

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Wilber Morris

Date 5/29/2019

Hi, I was wondering if headaches are common after listening to a session? I have been listening to another hypnotist, and am enjoying her files, but I experience a slight headache after listening, and it continues throughout the day. I mean not a severe headache. Just a mild one. I listen to her often, but do not want to offend her by bringing up the subject of headaches. I found you on YouTube because your videos are similiar. I thought you might be able to answer my question. Thanks. Wilber

Mistress Carol

Date 5/29/2019

Headaches after hypnosis videos and audios are uncommon. It could be eye strain or brainwave entrainment. If it ever becomes a concern, consult a medical professional.


Date 10/5/2019

I've found that after NOT listening for a while that i actually go deeper into trance and enjoy the time with Mistress Carol that much more! Thank You Mistress.

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