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Oh, the trip into deep hypnosis you are going to have with this session.  TRIGGER FEST is absolutely filled with hypnotic trigger words and phrases that I've trained your mind with in earlier sessions.  You know when the hypnotist has trouble staying awake, the session is brilliant.  Yes, this one is a must have for all Mistress Carol fans who love deep trance and want to have those wonderful triggers implanted previously activated again.  Leave some time to recover from this trance or listen before bedtime.  There is no copyright information on this session to allow you to loop it all night long. Originally priced at $29.95.

This session features:

  • Electronic MP3 download
  • Unusual progressive relaxation induction
  • Many, many trigger words and phrases from earlier sessions
  • Wellbeing suggestions
  • Positive thinking suggestions
  • Delta level (quiet) brainwave entrainment
  • Background music and vocals
  • Recording studio production quality
  • This session is 34:41

To listen to a sample from, click here:

5 Stars
Mistress Carol's triggers control me
Let me apologize for not reviewing some of the more recent files from Mistress Carol. There is an excuse, memories of these trances are fragmented and in some cases almost non-existent. Trigger Fest is an extreme example of this. While I can report little of actual file, I can explain the profound effect looping this file overnight after purchase had on me. This morning when able to regain consciousness feelings of joy and contentment filled me. In addition to my growing love and adoration of Mistress Carol, I experienced a keen sense of confidence. I love the seemingly contradictory feeling of self-confidence and submission. I will listen to this file again and again. I crave Mistress Carol's control. I am hers to command.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from New York. on 5/26/2017
5 Stars
Mistress Carols devoted slave
This is absolutely the most relaxing hypnosis script I have ever heard. It is so relaxing, it is like sitting in a hot tub with the warmth of Mistress Carols voice flowing all over me and through me. Her skills are perfectly focused on my helpless mind. She has absolute control in this script. Absolute and irrefutable control. Mindless endless bliss. Like a black hole where no thoughts emanate the conscious. It is like she's completely separated me into two. A part that's just me living in my ordinary regular life, and the other part that follows completely and instantly her every word, her every utterance, her every anything. So blissful. Black holes do exist and she creates one in my mind with this one! I am so very thankful to have the privilege of letting Mistress Carol hypnotize me over and over again and so very happy that i am her perfect hypnotic slave. It is an endlessly wonderful feeling. I would live in her spell 24/7 if i could.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Canada. on 1/17/2019
5 Stars
Wow, not sure if I've revised this before or not, my mind gets so blank and body so aroused and either rigid or relaxed when I listen now its great! Highly highly recommend this for Mistress' veteran slaves who will be pulled and compelled at Mistress' whim and love it. For those who are beginning the journey, this should be a session to aim for, but do yourself an amazing favour, and submit yourself to other sessions first to learn our Mistress' triggers first! You will be happy (so happy) you did! Thank you Mistress. Your slave in training.
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Reviewed by:  from None. on 8/15/2017
5 Stars
Review of Trigger Fest
Wow, this is one intense hypnosis session that afterwards left me full of wonderful feelings of calm, peace, happiness, and adoration of Mistress Carol and more. I’m not quite sure where to begin a review especially since I cannot remember too many details of it. This is probably due to partly by Mistress Carol’s design (post hypnotic amnesia which I totally enjoy) and also I believe that my mind has become so very compliant and conditioned to Her hypnosis style that my conscious mind simply chooses to not remember too much after a session unless of course She wants me to remember at this point. It is definitely worth many repeat listens of this session since each time for me it almost feels like a new experience. This session will give the listener an extremely relaxing and very deep trance experience every time. Mistress keeps hitting you with so many trigger words and along with Her powerful finger snaps throughout this session to the extent that all your mind can do is to give up, submit and surrender to Her beautiful dominant hypnotic control. It feels so good to give up one’s control to Mistress Carol for a while at least to just get away from the daily stress of everyday activities. After waking up at the end, leave some time to recover since the good feelings of bliss and calmness will linger on for a while which is very nice. It is probably a good idea to listen to a couple of the other sessions by Mistress Carol to get used to Her trigger commands (She has several excellent free ones and many sessions on sale too) - in order to experience the full effect of the trigger words. In the session, I think I heard maybe one or two trigger words that I did not recognize (of course I cannot remember though) I believe my mind and body just dropped deeper into trance to compensate, but I'm not sure. I highly recommend listening to this session and if possible get it personalized for an even better and more personal, intimate and unique hypnosis experience. With a personalized version, Mistress Carol will say your name several times during the session along with phrases specific to the listener. This helps to make it feel like She is in the same room with me and taking me down further into Her deep trance and control. I guess the only thing better might be a Skype session with Her. This one is quickly becoming one of my favorites - Relax, listen, and enjoy.
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Reviewed by:  from Northeast, USA. on 7/16/2017
5 Stars
Quite honestly, I expected to immediately be bombarded with triggers, dropped instantly, and so forth. It wasn't quite like that. Instead Mistress gently lulled me into submission before reminding me how easily and, yes, mindlessly, I respond to Her words - even if I don't consciously remember the impact of certain words. Indeed, there were times during this session I found myself spinning down, dreamily wondering what I was responding to. Of course there are a few triggers I know quite well both consciously and subconsciously, and I responded to them just as... mindlessly. And, as always, it ended much too quickly. This one will be replayed over and over. I love it. Thank You, Mistress.
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Reviewed by:  from USA. on 6/19/2017
5 Stars
React with no resistance
Knocked on my submissive butt, again. I could name half a dozen perfect sessions that Mistress Carol has released this year and I don't feel I am an objective reviewer anymore. It's not every single session, but man it's getting pretty near. Honestly the objectivity really doesn't matter to me because each of these masterful sessions is an education in delirious, uncontrollable pleasure. This one in particular is a dangerously smooth blur that makes me want to be more responsive to more of Mistresses irresistible controlling triggers.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from East Coast. on 5/31/2017

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