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You, alone in a hotel room, answer the door irritably for an unexpected package delivery.  You open the door to a visitor you didn't expect.  Forcing her way into the room she drops you instantly into trance and drops you deeper with a simple key.  But what exactly is the key to your mind? Originally priced at $29.95.

Session Includes

  • Relaxation and Deepening Instruction
  • Pleasure Suggestion
  • Fantasy Role Play
  • Submission
  • Increased Suggestibility
  • Post Hypnotic Amnesia Suggestion
  • Background Music and Vocals
  • Delta Level Brainwave Entrainment
  • No Wake Instruction (Use Before Sleep)
  • Session Length is 36:08

To listen to a sample, click here:

BE AWARE hypnosis is for entertainment only.  The results from any hypnosis session vary with each individual.  By purchasing and listening to this session you acknowledge that hypnosis cannot make you do anything against your will.  This session contains brainwave entrainment technology which may be unsuitable for those with epilepsy or other health issues.  Consult your medical professional.  Listen to this recording in a safe environment only and never listen while operating any machinery of any kind.

5 Stars
I've listened to this recording several times now. I find myself pushing play late at night before I go to bed and I sink into a deep relaxing trance. I have no memory of this trance except for the image of a beautiful crystal key swinging in front of my eyes and the beautiful sound of Mistress Carols voice. I am memorized completely.
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Reviewed by:  from Canada. on 4/29/2016
5 Stars
I adore Mistress Carol! Bravo my Mistress! This induction is your finest. I have never been so deep. I love using it as a lead into one of her other fantasy inductions. Please may I have another?
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Reviewed by:  from USA. on 4/28/2016
5 Stars
The ticking of a clock
The depth of trance needs to be experienced in this session. When Mistress starts the descent into trance it is like a door opening and closing. I imagined listening to a clock ticking. There is a segment in this trance where the person is led down into trance in a similar way by Mistress. This makes it very hard to resist the hypnotic pull she has on you. It is a spell of great power.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Springfield MA. on 4/26/2016
5 Stars
Whispers of delight
So perfectly done was Mistress Carol's newest hypnotic session 'The Key' that I lay here totally stunned and mindless. Such a vivid fantasy with Mistress Carol seemed all to real. My memory vague as usual after a wonderful trance I do know the hotel room seemed spot on like a place I'd been before. That I was dropped so very, very, deep by Mistress Carol's hypnotic charms is apparent as a state of deep relaxation and blissful abandonment has engulfed me at the moment. And then there's the shiny crystal key along with the most delightful whispering voice of Mistress Carol. This session took me so very deep down into a trance and 'The Key' is absolutely one of Mistress Carol's more powerful sessions of hypnosis. A big "thank you" to Mistress Carol ! Your voice is truly one of a kind. i adore Mistress Carol. xx
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Reviewed by:  from USA. on 4/24/2016
5 Stars
The Key to unlock my mind.
This is one of those great hypnosis fantasy theme sessions by Mistress Carol that I listened to it for a long time at first and enjoyed it very much. Recently I have re-discovered it on my music player & those original feelings of a beautiful HypnoDomme taking over my mind for a while has been a very nice surprise experience all over again. I really love this hypnosis session. Before I realized it, I am drifting away into trance. It goes along very nice with my current submissive training -- learning how to let go more of myself to the Dominant Mistress Carol who is in control and obedience is pleasure for me. The session takes me deep down into trance to the point of no thoughts, only focused on Her voice and Her beauty. She definitely has The Key and the power to unlock my mind at any time She wants to at this point. I really enjoy this session & feel so safe and comfortable in Her hypnotic care. Thank you.
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Reviewed by:  from East, USA. on 1/15/2021
5 Stars
Fantasy plus
Most hypnotic fantasies have a limited shelf life. Not this one. The idea of having Mistress Carol herself, as opposed to her simply playing some character, come to my room,take total control as only she knows how to do, and seduce the hell out of me, is so incredibly hot. I just loved the part where she put me to sleep and then I woke up...compromised...It was done in a sexy but rather understated way leaving much to the imagination, and believe me, I have imagined...As Mistress Carol went through the trouble of breaking into my room, her goal appears to have been reducing me into a quivering mass of abject submission, and I can report her mission was completely accomplished. So awesome, so much fun, and a file I can;t seem to stop listening to. Thank you, Mistress Carol!.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Midwest USA. on 5/18/2016

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