Each and every erotic hypnosis listener is different in their tastes and what they find sexy and arousing.  Like snowflakes, no two are alike.  Of course, the best way to tailor a session to hit your hotspots is to commission one.  Kinks and turn-ons for one often have no interest to another and we hypnotists have to find what works best for us and our businesses within the area where our interests also lie.  Erotic hypnotists also have many different tastes and if we are engaged, we are affective.  It’s impossible to satisfy the myriad of sexy topics our listeners enjoy.  The hypnotist who stays true to his or herself creates what they find sexy, exciting or kinky and reach out to others to share it.  I personally love anything sensual and combining this with my love of hypnosis, I get to create an extension of my personal turn-ons.  But, I also love using my unique skillset of being a physical dominant to create mental fantasies allowing you play inside a genre you may not go out and physically pursue.  You might find something you really enjoy and decide to incorporate into your sex life or discover something that turns you on that you never considered.  This is exactly where the wonderful component of erotic hypnosis fits in nicely.  It lets you experiment and consider alternate topics of arousal and see if it resonates with you.  And you don’t have to pay a sex professional or seek a new partner to find it (which can be expensive and time consuming if you don’t have those resources).  You can find it within your imagination.  I believe that the imagination is the strongest sexual organ you own and I know personally how easy it is for me to arouse myself with a single thought.  Visual stimulation works for many and pornography is plentiful.  But, the unique and personal erotic hypnosis session can bring you into the party.  You aren’t watching two other people.  You are living it in your mind. 

When you are listening to my erotic hypnosis, you are experiencing a part of me and while I’m creating it, I’m experiencing a part of you.  It’s intimate, whether we’ve met or not.  Keep that in mind when you’re listening to my hypnosis and remember that we are not just the voices you hear.  We are sexual people sharing a bit of our world while being lucky enough to do something we love.  Your input and feedback is important.  We need validation just like anyone else especially because we are sharing this personal extension of ourselves in the process.  An email introduction with a thank you, a session review, establishing a relationship, buying more sessions or sending a gift are all important displays of appreciation and you shouldn’t think you don’t have to do it because the next guy is doing it.  Be that next guy.  Take the time to show your building devotion to our work.  I know it will keep me motivated.

Mistress Carol

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Tom Brady

Date 2/7/2017

I have many of your sessions Mistress. I cannot begin to tell you of my devotion to You. Reworded: I don't know where to start. I will start with your latest which I find so hypnotically attractive. Although this delves way down, down deep in to the subconscious let me say that I found it incredible for germinating the seed which has been growing in me. I have a very strong root from many of your sessions and find that you are the most powerful hypnodomme. In my dreams I feel a rush when I imagine myself in front of you and looking into your hypnotic green eyes. As I write this I am envisioning this and loving the thought. Dreaming of Your power over me is such a turn on. All inhibitions are flushed out. Another view of this is somehow you cast a spell on me which ties me to your voice. It is an inescapable form of "witchcraft" so to speak. I am so appreciative of Your work. You are an enchantress. I am caught from deep within in Your voice. A quote from you: "they cannot resist My voice." Yes............they cannot and will not.......ever. Thank you once again,


Date 5/29/2019



Date 5/29/2019 12:43:32 PM

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Date 5/29/2019 12:42:32 PM

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Date 8/20/2019

Dear Mistress Carol, You are a true artist. So many times I tell myself, "Well, I'll just listen to this for a few minutes, then I'll go do something, somewhere......" and that is the LAST thought I have.....for quite a while! To say your voice is intoxicating is simply an understatement. To say you seduce me and pull me under immediately into an warm ocean of kaleidescopically romantic bliss might be more accurate, but is, still, inadequate....You do much more than this....You soothe my mind where it aches. You obliterate my inhibitions. You make it safe to revel in the previously inaccessible, if intricate, taboos entrenched in my soul since my wholly troubled childhood - which was both yesterday - and a hundred years ago.....Thank you, Mistress Carol. I am deeply grateful

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