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Sleep for Me, Pet

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This lovely sleep session was originally a custom session. You come to Mistress Carol with insomnia and she offers you an overnight with her to help you. She uses her pocket watch and a countdown induction to hypnotize you and float you up to a large white fluffy cloud. Her spiral eyes then mesmerize you and place a sleepy trigger into your mind. This is a soft soothing non-erotic sleep session guaranteed to take the toughest insomniac into deep slumber.

This session features:
  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Pocket watch and countdown induction
  • Floating away to a white fluffy cloud
  • Spiral eyes take you deeper
  • Sleep session
  • Non-erotic
  • No wake command/perfect at bedtime
  • Background music and vocals
  • Slow speaking style
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Session length is 31:39

BE AWARE erotic hypnosis is for entertainment only. The results from any hypnosis session vary with each individual. By purchasing and listening to this session you acknowledge that hypnosis cannot make you do anything against your will. This session contains brainwave entrainment technology which may be unsuitable for those with epilepsy or other health issues. Consult your medical professional. Listen to this recording in a safe environment only and never listen while operating any machinery of any kind. Do not use drugs or alcohol when listening to hypnosis.
5 Stars
No Match For Mistress Carol
I stayed in trance 45 minutes after the end, with no desire to wake or move, and it didn't felt that long. I only raised because someone called me. At first this session didn't seem powerful while I was listening to it. I thought that I'd wake up a few minutes after the recording, like most others. But I am no match for Mistress Carol's skills. I can't comment for the specifics of the session, it's all a blur of pocket watch and clouds.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from France. on 11/13/2020
5 Stars
Absolute Perfection
I can't express enough how much I adore this session - I ordered the custom session that led to the creation of this file and knowing that Mistress Carol created something *just for me* before releasing it to the general public is a wonderful thing. It's become a regular file for me before bedtime, Mistress Carol welcoming me into her home and helping me get cosy in bed before bringing out her golden pocket watch and taking me down into trance, filling my body and mind with weightless relaxation as we float up, up and away into the clouds, clouds which swirl and spin as we go. Setting me down on a cloud bed, she tucks me in, and her eyes begin to swirl. More often I drop out completely at that point, and if I'm awake to hear her lull me to sleep, safe and sound in her arms, I usually don't last much longer. It's a gentle and soothing file that still manages to be powerfully hypnotic, and every single listen reinforces that trigger, reminding me that I love being Mistress Carol's sleepy pet and will always sleep for her when she commands it. Deep hypnosis and ideal insomnia relief for those who allow themselves to be swept up in the spin of her spiral eyes. You'll find yourself coming back to it night after night - I know I have. Simply perfect.
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Reviewed by:  from Ireland. on 11/12/2020

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