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Slave Devotion and Comments

I love receiving messages of joy and devotion from my listeners.  I enjoy posting some of them here.

Gif presented to Mistress Carol by Hairball.

Devotional emails to Mistress Carol from my very special hypno-slaves (authentic and recent):

Dear Mistress Carol, I surrender, I submit, I obey, your voice and your eyes put me in a state of mindlessness. When I listen to your files my body turns into  quivering, drooling, trembling flesh. My mind is obliterated. My brain is transformed into obedience and love. No man can resist you once he falls into your web of seduction. Mistress Carol you own me. Thank you for letting me be your slave. The addiction, the adoration, the mindlessness I feel is like nothing I have ever experienced.  I love being used by you for your pleasure. when you feel good I feel good. boy.

Thank You for hypnotizing me so deeply. i've always wanted to be so expertly manipulated and mind-controlled as Your hypnosis does to me. i love it and will be forever grateful to enjoy Your influence over my mind.

I appreciate the effort and time you have taken to create this session for me more so because you did not need to do this for me. It was something that you gifted to me because you yourself were not satisfied with the work you had done despite my assurances that you had. It reflects so well and how much you care about your work and your servants. It is not something I have seen in others online, and I wanted you to know that it is just another thing that makes you shine brightly, not just as a hypnodomme but as a person as well. 

When She asks me to close my eyes and listen to Her words,  once again Mistress Carol quickly guides me down into Her Hypnotic Domain where She is in control. Before I know it, my thoughts slow down, my breathing slows down and I relax into Her beautiful hypnotic embrace and then I feel so good and safe as I let go and give into my Mistress as She commands to sleep.  She is in control. At this point,  my conscience mind goes fuzzy and blank and once again I am in Your hypnotic care of my Mistress,  my Queen who I adore and love. She guides and trains me to be Her hypnotized slave.  The slave will obey and my purpose is to please Her always. Obedience is pleasure now for me and this slave loves to obey Mistress Carol. She is in control. Dominant Women are in control. The male sub lives to obey the beautiful hypnotic Mistress in their world.  Men should always work hard to please Women. Back in Her Hypnotic Domain, the sub slave works to please Her and to give pleasure to the Mistress Carol. Her hypnosis has now become a large part of him as he craves more of Her control and desires more training each day. She is transforming him into a more better positive person for Her. The slave loves to feel close to Her and seeks Mistress Carol's approval which is pleasure for him.  Obedience is pleasure for slave.  The slave will always obey. She is Mistress Carol and She is in control. Thank You Mistress Carol. 

Dear Mistress Carol, Thank you so much for the file, I wasn't expecting it at all. I couldn't help myself, curiosity got the better of me and I ended up listening to all of them back to back. So that was 4 hours of floaty relaxed trance, where I felt like a single charged point floating away on the sound of your voice, which was only marred by the occasional throb of discomfort from my chastity cage.  I'm currently listening to the 30-day chastity file as well, being locked for all February. Somehow, it's already day 8 and was going rather uneventfully. Until last night, listening to all the mind fucked files left me aching, pent up and wanting more, which is all part of the fun.  As the days progress I can already feel myself becoming more and more submissive yet energised. Hard to describe. I’d like to thank you again; all the files are amazing and is an utter delight being able to relax, listen to your voice and fall into such a deep trance so easily.  On reflection, Mind fuck is a pretty appropriate series title ??  It may be a little early, but I can comfortably say that I am definitely your Mind Slut. 

Thank you! I'm so glad I found you. I been looking for a dominant hypnotist for a long time and I finally found you. I tried the first hypnosis session with you and I'm amazed that every thing you said to me was just what I was craving for. Thank you for seeing me as I am! I want more and I cant wait come under your control again. I really also is looking for an live hypnosis session (which I never done) but I need some more recordings with you first. I will explore your website for hypnosis session that I like, please guide me if you can. I like dominant sessions with orders to obey, orders to orgasm (as I do multiple times) orders to do whatever you (I) desire. I go easily in trance since I have been exploring hypnosis for quite some time now. What can I say...  thank you again! I finally found my dominatrix

Oh thank you Mistress Carol. You have no idea how deep I go for you. Nobody can imagine how deep I go for you. Your trances are becoming so deep now. It's like they leave a blissful black hole in my mind and i awake with a deeply fulfilled feeling of being taken to the deepest part of my mind. I awake completely blank and empty but with a feeling of deep bliss and a deep connection with you. Not to mention this total body consuming passion and arousal. I literally wake up wet. Sometimes the wetness goes through my pants. As I feel myself let go I get oh so aroused. The deeper i go the more deep i want to go. Does that makes sense? If you could feel the way I feel when listening to your voice you'd never want to be anywhere else but deep inside your control.  Thanks for your efforts and passion. Your mind works in such amazing and exhilarating ways! I adore you so much!

With you I feel extraordinarily safe and comfortable. I also feel very weak and helpless starting immediately when i hear the sound of your voice. It is like I'm standing at the top of a diving board, tons of anticipation, excitement and thrill. And then I put the headphones on, step off the edge, and simply listen and enjoy the thrill ride. I never have the ability to stop, once I've heard the sound of your voice. Your voice overwhelms me with pleasure and submission. Many times I hear phrases and suggestions that I've never remembered before. This thrills me so much. Pleasure and excitement. Bliss and relaxation. Your voice. Totally outside what I would do, but yet, totally within how much control I want you to have over me. You make it so easy. You are an escape away from reality. You are like a very powerful drug. You are like a voice from within my own mind. More powerful then me. More knowledgeable then me. More then me.  


The tasks are all done and the Assignment's complete. The email to Mistress was sent. I'm aching and needy it's been many days. But I. must wait to see what she says. 

Mistress is the source of my most pleasant dreams. She controls my innermost thoughts. Her sensuous voice and her masterful style create a web and I'm happily caught.

 My next Assignment will be more intense. It's strange how these sessions do build. The more that I listen the more I'm controlled. Her words are exceptionally skilled.

 I'm willful and selfish so I fought and pushed back. But she would not allow me to fail. She worked on my mind with that melodic voice, And my devotion is now off the scale.

 I wait by my screen for my email to beep Bringing news of new Tasks to be done. She knows what it takes to keep me in line and she knows how to conquer my mind.

 The new Tasks will take me to places unknown To depths I have never explored. But devotion has grown and commitment has shown me a Mistress I've come to adore.

 The email just pinged!  It's become quite my thing To exalt when my Assignment's received. I hope it is her, I hope it so hard but It's just spam from that darn Visa card.

 And so I do wait In a celibate state For her words and commands to appear. To conquer my brain and my innermost thoughts And to take my mind out of gear.

Firstly, I have to say that I'm truly in awe of your hypnosis skills, and I've been blown away by what you're able to do with your voice ... you have a new fan and hypno-slave :-)   I feel obliged to give you some feedback on the sessions that I've listened to so far, but I need to get my thoughts in order first!

On my knees for Mistress Carol,  deeply hypnotized by Her beautiful eyes, gorgeous smile,  Her beautiful voice and enchanting beauty. ...i will obey Her. On my knees for Mistress Carol,  hypnotized and submissive,  blank of mind, naked of body, no thoughts of my own, but only Her voice now fills up me as i listen,  sleep and obey Her. On my knees for Mistress Carol,  She trains me,  enchants me, guides me, programs me to be a better submissive boy for Her. I will obey Mistress Carol. On my knees I will forever be... and somewhere deep down in Her Domain you will find me because She has me in Her hypnotic care.., for i am now learning and changing,  and becoming a better submissive obedient boy for Mistress Carol. I will serve,  i will obey. Thank You Mistress Carol.  I adore You,  i will obey. 

Dear Mistress Carol, I am most grateful to you for taking such care in your craft, and for the transformation that is underway.  I do not know where this road leads but it is so far filled with pleasure and reward.  I look forward to sharing this road with you for a long time.  It is now rare that I am not mindful of my journey and thinking of your silky voice.  You have caused me to exchange short lived gratification for long term and near constant pleasure and peacefulness, and to become aware of my duty as an obedient and grateful slave to reciprocally fulfill my Domina's need for pleasure and enjoyment.In recognition of which, I have arranged a small gift for you from Amazon which I hope will please you. With Love and Devotion,

Mistress Carol, It's hard for me to describe how amazing an orgasm is while listening to your voice. To be taken into trance and work me up into such a state of incredible arousal, holding me on that edge until you let me release for you is earth shattering. Your CEI sessions are something that I'd never thought I would enjoy but you have shown me levels of submission and obedience that I did not know I had. Tell me how sweet and delicious my offering is and  I could be trained to take a taste any time you allow me to orgasm. It is such a beautiful act of submission to do this for you. I have become so addicted to you, anytime I touch my cock I think of you and become incredibly aroused. Visiting your website and looking at any of your images. I  imagine a session were I'm allowed to orgasm while gazing at one of your beautiful images, that  would be heaven. Typing this message has gotten be so aroused that it's getting harder to keep my hands off myself. Soon I will be in trance , submitting and offering myself to you. Thank you for allowing me to be your slave.

Dear Mistress, I have been accidentally binging on series of your mp3s when some run together without me being able to rise enough to stop. As a result I have deleted all previous recordings by any other Domme I had ever stored. it felt right to let go of others and focus more completely. Thank you for the clarity

Dear Mistress Carol: This is a simple letter of appreciation.  I wanted to thank you for the excellent recordings that you have published over the past years, several of which I have purchased and have given repeat listen to.  The pacing of your inductions and the creativity of them are superb.  They are invariably effective.  The scenes that you paint are vivid.  You have a warm, sensual, and compelling way of moving your subjects into your world.  Your suggestions become irresistible. It could perhaps be my increasing familiarity with your voice and a greater level of trust on my part in yielding to you, but it seems to me that you have grown in confidence in your craft over time.  In any event, for me, your voice is synonymous with deep relaxation, ultimate concentration, and trance. I will endeavor over the coming weeks to pen a couple of reviews.  It is my understanding that these are helpful to you.  I will need to look back to the files of yours that I have to identify the most appropriate candidates.  I did want you to know, however, that I am grateful to have encountered you.  The care that you take in your work product is clear and very appreciated.Dear Mistress Carol, Thank you very much for this. It's an incredible session. I went so deep that I didn't feel any of my body, felt like a disembodied mind. No matter how long I listen to your beautiful, powerful voice or how many sessions I experience, I keep finding new depths of trance and entirely different ways to experience it. You're absolutely amazing.

Hello Mistress Carol, I'm writing to tell you just how incredible you are. Your recordings this past year are so good, your hypnosis skills are so effective, so very powerful, that there can no long be any question that you are THE Hypnodomme in this universe and a thousand other universes. I keep wanting to ask you to make a custom recording for me and I can never get to an idea before either you create one with a very similar idea and create it in a way that is way more incredible than my idea, or you release a new recording that completely grabs me and leaves me kneeling at your feet, docile and submissive. You have taken this genre to a whole new level. They are going to have to invent new words that the rest of us can use to praise you with. The biggest surprise was your session Come On My Boots. I never had a fantasy about that subject and was reluctant to try it. Something kept bringing me back to this session until I purchased it. I thought the 3D effect was really effective, but it was the bold topic that pulled me in. Or maybe it's just you and the very special way you have with each and every recording. Over the past month, it has become a favorite. It has also led to a whole new level of devotion to you. But then many other recordings are responsible for this new level too. I've been a fan from the beginning. Thank you for all the amazing work you do.

Dear Mistress Carol, I have just listened to Thirst and Wet back-to-back on two separate occasions. I have to say, after all these years, you just keep getting better and better. I don't remember much at all from these sessions, but they were definitely effective. After "Thirst", I was quite thirsty and did drink a glass of water. I don't remember what You suggested, but the thirst was real. I was totally numb and relaxed afterward. One the first listen, last week, I immediately bought 'wet'. I couldn't wait, and couldn't resist. Your control of me is total and I can't wait each week for Your next amazing release. With "wet", just totally fucking amazing. That type of hypnosis, with multiple voices giving different suggestions, just completely takes me under. I remember up until the metronome started and Your beautiful, amazing voices began swirling around, I just sank and blanked out. This is my favorite style; brainwashing, amnesia and arousal. On the first listen, I was very aroused but not quite wet. Today's listen was completely different. I have multiple spots of wetness. So amazing, just Your voice does this to me, and I don't know what You did. Just Amazing. I also purchased "Come on my Boots". Again, I love CEI. And although I don't really have a boot or leather fetish, I could not resist. Have you considered a CEI session similar to "wet", with just a deep, multi-layered induction, and just pure heavy overloading suggestions of CEI throughout the trance? My first experience with CEI was Isabella Valentine's 'swallow'. Even though her hypnosis was nothing like Your's, it was still very effective to have suggestions of tasting through-out the trance, and tons of convincing commands to finish and swallow it all. Again, thank You for Your continued amazing work.

Dear Mistress Carol, I listened to Your recordings back in 2012 alot but somehow stopped listening to Your incredibly voice for some years now. I don't remember why I stopped but recently I stumbled across Your website again and some of Your new sessions really intrigued me. I thought why not give it a try again and purchased some of Your files.I always had the impression that I was a good hypnotic subject and went deep into trance but Your files completely blew me away. I was so surprised of how immediately You took control of me and hypnotized me so deeply. I have no idea if I got a better subject in the meantime or Your old conditioning stuck around better than I expected but I LOVED going so deep for you. Oftentimes when I trance I find myself being a bit self aware and my conscious mind is running along and analyzing what is going on. It was the first time ever that I felt so incredibly different in trance than I usually do. I felt my conscious mind and subconscious mind submitting to you completely and it felt so amazingly good. I just floated along to Your heavenly voice and I swear I would have done anything for You in that moment just so You go on and and me continue hypnotizing me and make me feel so amazing. Your session ZERO is probably the best hypnosis I have ever experienced. I thought this often in the past when listening to different hypnotists but this time something was different. Today I purchased Your "Hook, Line and Sinker" file. I love to go fishing a lot myself and the idea of sitting on a boat with You and letting You so deeply inside my mind in that relaxing environment made me just melt to the sound of Your voice. I don't know what it is but I offer no resistance to Your voice and just sink deeper without realizing it. Then I awake and am dumbfounded of what just happened. I wanted to thank You for hypnotizing me so deeply and am happy that I started listening to You again!

 I have purchased many erotic audios in the past and each one did not come close, at best a tingly feeling.  I took advantage of your free file Fractured and fell deep.  I then purchased The White Witch, Spasm and Doctors Visit.  I achieved an HFO with Spasm on the third listen.  I just purchased Doctors Visit tonight and have not listened yet.  I gave a glowing review for Spasm tonight.  The first time I have ever gave a review for an erotic recording.  You truly care for your customers as deeply as I do.  I am a Building Contractor, the one that receives hugs and hand shakes at wal-mart.  Not the one that runs and hides.  I know that I am a professional and I know that you are too. I was taken on the most sensual journey of my life.  I can’t describe the deep feeling that your voice gave me.  I did not think it was possible.  You have given me a great deal of confidence in my self. I would like to discuss a personalized or a custom recording for me, lets explore.  Again you’re the first that actually worked, you do care for your customers.  P.S.  I discovered you on sensual mistress, it was your photo that totally captured me. I can’t describe it other than your beauty, I’m at a loss for words.  I hope to hear from you soon.

Dear Mistress Carol, Thank you for a special 60 minutes. You truly took me. I responded so well to your voice, every time you said go deeper I felt it instantly. I hope you could tell how well I responded. You were made for hypnosis, such a beautiful melodic voice, its too sweet, too seductive not to listen to. What pleasure you gave me. Thank you, I am excited about going deeper into journey of discovery with you.

When I think of Mistress Carol,  my heart grows warm and my mind slows down...I will obey. When I think of Mistress Carol,  feelings of thankfulness and gratitude fill up my being....I will obey. When I hear Mistress Carol call my name and commands me to sleep for Her....I listen,...I will obey. When I hear Mistress Carol's sweet voice fill up my empty mind, then I will listen,  sleep and obey. She instructs me, guides and commands me while I am deep in Her hypnotic control.  She allows me to feel pleasure when I obey Her commands.  I am thankful to be in Her hypnotic care. My desire is to please Her and train me to be a good hypnosis boy. I belong to the beautiful Mistress Carol.  I adore Mistress Carol. I am Her hypnosis slave.  I will obey Mistress Carol. I will obey. 

I have been listening to your "You Can Trance Deeply" recordings. Bravo! I have never tranced so deeply. I am truly and completely yours now. Not only do those recording work on me like nothing else, but now your other recordings work incredibly well too (Not that they didn't before, but the trances are so deep and effective now. It's like getting glasses. Suddenly the world looks so different). Wow! You are the best hypnotist in the universe, no question. 

OMG!! Thank you so very much! I've been in a rather deep depression lately...confused, extremely unhappy, engaging in self-destructive behaviors, etc. I just experienced the most peaceful, serene, motivating, and relaxing half hour of my life! I can't thank you enough for the Positively Perfectly Programmed session. I was so utterly surprised how well it worked...ugh...your soothing voice is so reassuring. I truly felt like I was there with my head in your lap, feeling the gentle and caring touch of your fingers in my hair. Sounds so weird to say but I felt so comforted. And at the you were bringing me out of the trance, your soft voice explaining that we 'shared a very personal and profound experience'...I felt a series of alternating rushes surge through my entire body - warmth (quite hot actually) followed by intense tingling like I've never felt before! It was an extremely intimate experience for me. Immediately afterwards, I felt so good, relaxed...positive and optimistic! Its truly indescribable to feel what happy is like again! I think that was exactly the trigger I needed to snap me out of that dark place. I sincerely mean it when I say thank you!

Thank you for your gratitude....However, it is my belief that I owe you ten or more times this....Not one day goes by in which I do not worship at the Alter of Mistress Carol. Seriously. You have had a profound impact on my life, and I feel a deep peace and sense of purpose adoring you, and your wonderful voice. You cut straight through my previously fathomless rage and emotional conflicts created by what was inflicted upon me from childhood and lead me to a fruitful if fantastical realm of serenity in that I react instantly to the sound of your voice....and I become immediately consumed in wanting to please you. If and when I can do more for you I shall do so. Your power over me - and no doubt thousands of others - is spiritually and erotically graceful and rewarding to endure. I only hope I can find a lady who understands this kind of thing, as it has always been what I needed and instinctively craved. When I heard the singer 'Jewel' for the first time on the radio, It was as if fate had answered my dream of what I had always awaited, musically. So it was when I first succumbed (And I really DID succumb) to your 'You Will Obey' Remastered audio creation.....I had listened to many other online hypnotists, pretended and/or attempted to react, but when I awoke from YOUR trance, I was in love, under your spell, transfixed, seduced, and dedicated to being subservient to you. That was a couple of years ago, I think....Now I am 56 years old. Nothing like that - not since my adopted mother sexually hypnotized and brainwashed me (and not all in good ways) had ever happened before, nor since. As I said, I owe you a debt of more than gratitude.....So, if you wish to use any of my complimentary phrases, minus my name of course, please feel free. I will send another gift as soon as I am able. I hope you and yours have a Merry, Merry Christmas.

Mistress Carol, i have completed The Second Half of my Online Domination Task.  The last task was to listen to "Nipple Domination".  OMG i don't think my nipples will ever be the same.  i know i won't respond to nipple play ever quite the same.  Forgive the use of another of Your hypnosis files but You Obliterated me...mind & body...and soul.  This isn't surrender.  This is complete take over!  You own me...control me.  i go so quickly down and want to so badly.  i love what You do to me.  Not that i have any choice...but i love being Your submissive.  the pleasure You created and orchestrated were shear ecstasy!  Thank YOU Mistress Carol...Thank You, Your loving slut

Mistress Carol, I am compelled to write an email for your site. From the first time i heard your sultry, hypnotic voice, i was yours...i didn't realize how much at the time. It started off with a thought here and a thought there and quickly consumed the second recording, i knew i had to experience a skype session. Although i don't remember everything, it's as if a cloud has been lifted from my mind....everythingis clear now. I belong to Mistress Carol. I am Mistress Carol's hypnotized slave and her horny, submissve boy. My purpose is definite and with total absolution. I am programmed to obey Mistress Carol's commands, to submit my mind to HER will and control and my happiness is magnified one hundred fold when I please Mistress. My mind is quiet while in your command and you can control urges and my arousal from a simple snap of your powerful fingers...fingers that i long to kiss while kneeling at your booted feet and hearing your voice amd commands reverberate throughout my mind and body...Thank you for accepting that first email and taking a chance on me....It means so much to me that you chose to make me your hypnotized slave and i kneel before you and am totally devoted to  you as i await your further will, pleasure amd programming. I belong to Mistress Carol.

Mistress, Oh, I love it, I love it, I love it. This session is so wonderful, so beautiful. I left a review, but it only scratches the surface. I was saying what you asked when you snapped your fingers, I was going down and waking back up again without even thinking about it, on instinct. And this session took me the deepest I have ever been... every time, that's what happens anymore. This is an amazing session, and you're an amazing hypnotist.

Dear Mistress Carol, A few days ago I first discovered you and your work. You and your work are truly terrific and amazing. Since then you have occupied much of my mind continuously. Over the last year I have explored a little in this area of hypnosis, mainly via YouTube. It has been a way to relieve pressure and allow my mind to stop making decisions and being responsible. My life has lots of responsibility and decisions that are made continuously each day. So the ability to be free of that and out of control, when you take it, is wonderful. Until now, I have always been able to come and go with other hypnotists, but once I heard one of your sessions I have not been able to step away. It is just simply different. I do not really know why, but it is true. I have listened to three of your free sessions and purchased two sessions: Slide into Mindlessness and Slide into Submission. All have been wonderful, although I honestly have very few memories of the details of those sessions. I just love how I feel when they are over.

Dear Mistress Carol, I just wanted to thank You for such an incredible session on Thursday. I don't think I have ever been so deep and to literally wake up naked with no memory was an incredibly hot experience. It barely registered that I was remaining chaste afterwards, such was Your power over my subconscious, until I received Your emails. Following up with instructions over email was really amazing - and I was powerless to do anything else once I started reading. I truly am Your hypnotised plaything.

Upon awakening, as usual of late i was graced with Your voice in my mind repeating I adore Mistress Carol - Mistress Carol controls my mind as I put The Background Loop on while getting ready for work, fortunately my job isn't mentally demanding and I can listen to it while working too so by the time i got home needless to say i couldn't get ready for You fast enough.

i pressed play and even though i've listened to these sessions several times before this time it was as if You were speaking directly to me, much more personally than before, more focused on every nuance of Your delectable, delicious all encompassing voice and words. i found myself tumbling, rotating, flying and falling as my craving for Your complete control grew so incredibly powerful i was determined to absorb EVERYTHING from every direction, each staggeringly beautiful thought only to be followed by another and another and another, everything You say to me IS absolutely true, i DO want You inside me, i DO want You in my mind, obeying You unconditionally, mindlessly, immediately IS the most wonderful thing i've ever known.

i tremble as i type this not only because You are truly remarkable, unquestionably superior in so many ways from the sound of Your staggeringly beautiful voice, delicious impeccable enunciation and diction, Your brilliant command of language to Your masterful ability use all that and Your glorious imagination to paint a word masterpiece again and again compelling me to adore, submit to and obey You with the exuberance of a giddy school girl which of course has me quivering with apprehension i may disappoint or worse, offend You. Add to this i feel so guilty for my lack of writing reviews and emails to You knowing You've requested this in several sessions. The reason for this is because right now is the first time i've been 'awake' for about a month now, since before You went on vacation i've been spending every minute possible listening to You literally... Your thoughts have been my thoughts constantly and continuously for the last month and it's been the  most wonderful thing that i've ever known but being mindlessly obediently submissive leaves me incapable of doing much else especially write a letter to the most important person in my life. Reviewing Your sessions is difficult because i purchase a session, droolingly add it to Your playlist and i'm ecstatically absorbing Your words and thoughts for the rest of the day session after session only taking a few dazy breaks for a drink or to use the restroom or clumsily purchase another of Your cherished sessions before the next "Hello slave" cripples me, so your sessions come one after the other, i have 40+ sessions i believe and am weak, i don't have the willpower to stop the playlist, wake up and post a review. i'm SO sorry. Thank You Mistress Carol for Your The Background Loop too, i love listening to it at work and when i have to do household tasks allowing me to keep Your luscious voice and words in my mind training me and keeping me focused on what's most important.

I think I have listened at least three times so far. Still each time, I remember during the trance that this has happened before, and yet again, it's gone when I awaken. Even now, I am still floating in trance and amazingly aroused, still no memory of the trance. You are amazing and I love surrendering to Your voice. I cannot wait until You use this, or these?, triggers in your next brainwashing sessions. Something just occurred to me. Somewhere during the session, You let Your voice slow and deepen, saying 'deeper now' or something similar. That just send me sliding into blankness. Simply amazing that Your voice can have such an effect on me. Even after listening to You for many years, I'm still so addicted and wanting more.  Maybe this summer I can get brave enough to Skype with You. I cannot imaging what You could do with me. I adore Mistress Carol.

Mistress Carol, Between The Wager & Obliterate You have blown me away.  i had not listened to any recordings for a while.  i had to buy Obliterate based on the description and was awed by the depth of Your true control over my mind and body.  This was a totally new level not experienced in the past.  All i can say is Thank You Mistress Carol.  i hope my reviews bring You more clients and business.  You are deserving.

Dear Mistress Carol, I have felt an increasing compulsion growing over the last few days to email you and express my obedience to Your commands and devotion to Your will. I can't exactly explain where this desire has come from but I feel the need to let You know just how programmed and controlled I am by You. I am helpless and mindless at Your command and I find that so incredibly arousing and irresistible. Pretty much all I recall from our last session was a momentary embarrassment at the thought You might see my "excitement". Then You started counting and the rest is a blur. I do suspect You spent some time reinforcing the triggers of my custom session. I just came across a picture of a pair of (covered but very large) breasts on Twitter and pretty much collapsed in arousal. Truly mind blowing that Your triggers can have such a powerful effect. In fact, although there is a visual stimuli, it's the response to Your command which I find truly erotic. I suspect You could replace the breasts with a shoe and it would have the same effect. I would love to order a sequel some time, if I could think of the right idea. Anyway, thank You for allowing me the pleasure of being taken hostage by Your voice and Your will. I love to serve and obey You. Just writing these words is having a powerful effect on this programmed unit. I look forward to Your next direction which I know I will be powerless to resist. Yours in obedience

I have many of your sessions Mistress. I cannot begin to tell you of my devotion to You. Reworded: I don't know where to start. I will start with your latest which I find so hypnotically attractive. Although this delves way down, down deep in to the subconscious let me say that I found it incredible for germinating the seed which has been growing in me. I have a very strong root from many of your sessions and find that you are the most powerful hypnodomme. In my dreams I feel a rush when I imagine myself in front of you and looking into your hypnotic green eyes. As I write this I am envisioning this and loving the thought. Dreaming of Your power over me is such a turn on. All inhibitions are flushed out. Another view of this is somehow you cast a spell on me which ties me to your voice. It is an inescapable form of "witchcraft" so to speak. I am so appreciative of Your work. You are an enchantress. I am caught from deep within in Your voice. A quote from you: "they cannot resist My voice." Yes............they cannot and will not.......ever. Thank you once again.

OMG Mistress Carol. You make it impossible to resist you..... Fuck.... I just purchased Slide into Submission can you please please please PLEASE send me the link for the extended version. I want to listen to it all night long. The pleasure your voice brings me is like nothing on this earth. Thanks so much for treating me so good.

With barely more than a week of listening I have consider myself very new to Your realm but I am already amazed at the strength of my connection to the sound of Your voice. My previous experience with hypnotic recordings goes back a couple of years, so I'm very familiar with trance and enjoy it's deep erotic and sensual side. Maybe I've gotten better or was always a good subject but your voice is definitely working very well for me. In this short time I find the sessions put me immediately into trance, take me much deeper than any other recordings and provide the quality experience I have been searching for.  I am captured simply by your clear voice leading the way deeper while perfectly blended with those mysterious multi-layers which leave me only wondering what took place upon waking. Thank you for not any adding any noticeable binaural beats found in many others. I have tinnitus and most recordings with heavy beats leave my ears ringing even louder. If they are there, I don't notice them, so well done.  Of course, once so deeply in trance and not knowing what's in there, leads to my thought of where this is all heading? There is a certain amount of trepidation when losing control to something so powerfully mind altering, and to someone in the far reaches of unknown cyberspace. Living freely and in moderation, avoiding most addictions has always been my choice so I have to admit to the fear of getting caught too deeply in your web. I have a sense your sessions are very addictive and in no time at all I will be submitting much further than I already feel. This is fine in trance, but a concern for a busy life that doesn't want to be lost in an on-line dream. Is there a point of no return? Is there an undo trance? Is there a return to normal after the journey? Expressing a 'slight' trust issue but I am new to your methods and hopefully over time we will develop a closer bond. Thank you for your time and please keep up the great work.

You are the most amazing hypnotic Mistress, I thought Isabella Valentine was tops but you are fantastic. I have never been so deeply hypnotized by anyone else. Thank you Mistress.

Thank you sooo much for this two hour loop of heaven, I do so much enjoy listening to your beautiful voice and am so grateful that you acknowledge my existence as your slave. I feel bad for those people that haven't had the opportunity to listen to your voice and follow your words, but in time Mistress Carol they will all follow you.

I don't know if that is quotable by any means, but tonight, your session "MINE" sent me so deep and felt so beautiful that I reached a point where I had to control myself not to start crying from bliss :)

Having a personal session crafted for you is in another class of its own in regards to erotic hypnosis. Knowing that you're speaking directly to me and only me is a sublime experience one that matches a level of eroticism and deep controlling trance I have never experienced before. Thank you for this wonderful session Mistress Carol, truly you stand in a class of your own.

Dear Mistress Carol, Mistress Carol is my obsession.Mistress Carol controls my mind.I exhibit submissive compliance to Mistress Carol. I fell back into trance for a moment just typing that.  It felt so good. I thought that Obedience took me as deep as I could possibly go.  I was so wrong.  Obsession took me so many times deeper, into depths I have never experienced in about 10 years of erotic hypnosis.  I lost all awareness of time, my surroundings, my own body.  I had no thoughts, no cares, no concerns about what to focus on, what was coming next or anything.  Thank you for my personalized Obsession session.  It is amazing, beautiful, sexy and seductive. Helplessly ensnared in the overwhelming power of Your voice, J

Thank You so much for this wonderful hypnosis! It was a truly amazing experience to drop completely under Your control! i cannot stop fantasizing about being Your obedient hypnotised slave, allowing not just anyone but in my opinion the very best hypnodomme in the whole worldwideweb to takeover my mind completely... years after Your hypnosis captivated me for the first time and lots and lots of hypnosis sessions and conditioning later, Your hypnosis does not stop to surprise me with new depths of hypnotic surrender! You just totally hit me on spot (again) :) it feels so good to let Your voice takeover! it's hard to describe the overwhelming fulfillment when letting go of everything, to simply follow Your hypnotic voice into further mindless oblivion! i adore Mistress Carol! i crave Your control!

Dear Mistress Carol,

Even though you said I can contact you any time I must apologies. I have already sent you one email tonight and I don't want to clog up your inbox. After emailing you I listened to Surrender for the first time in a while and it struck me why, well one of the many reasons, I fall much deeper for you than I have for others. I often find sessions that as I listen to your soft sexy session I just find that rather being forced to give up control I have an ache a craving growing in my mind to surrender to you. It becomes so strong so powerful that I pull down  the walls I put up to stop others taking control  and beg you to enter my mind so that may take my control from me. As you show me the pleasure of being programmed by you and  show me how much control of me you can take and how good it feels until you form me into your Willing Obedient Slave and when I look on you  I see a powerful beautiful and oh so sexy Mistress who I'm desperate to please and pleasure. No one else I've listened to has come close to making being dominated by a powerful woman feel so right. I do not know how you do it but thank you for doing it over and over.

wow! first time I re-listen to Obedience after the month-long break, it was very exciting! The I listened again to Overload, the two go very well together. I wish I had words to describe the blissful sensation of realising your control over me as my pleasure increases as I give in to your awesome voice as I choose - "choose" is a big word - to forget and now I sit here thinking: it's best to forget, you'll be able to experience this session with so much more anticipation.  As the session starts I kind of recollect the previous one and find myself in a mental space that exists only when I trance with you, and opens up a bit at a time as the session progresses, while I still think I'm not fully hypnotized, but obviously am since I can't recall any details other than this "sense" of having a memory space that is otherwise inaccessible. Oh boy let me tell you the sole thought of having a space in my mind which can only be accessed when I'm trancing with you, and over which I have no conscious control, is exciting and scary and wow I'm growing hard even as I write this.

Dear Mistress Carol,

This morning I spent six consecutive hours deep within the hypnotically entrancing sound of your Voice.  Oh how easily it hypnotized and controled me. To say your Voice has a permanence within my mind is an understatement.  Yesterday, while driving through the countryside, I saw a horse and heard myself saying, "I adore Mistress Carol."   And when ever I see or smell leather? I hear your Voice, and feel your words rushing through my veins. I'd have never thought this possible, when I first began listening to your Voice, maybe five years ago.  But now, I am yours, absolutely. Please accept my gratitude for all you are, all you create and command, and for all the sound of your Voice has taken me through. I wish for you only the greatest of continued creativity through every aspect of your Life.

I have spent most of my day with you, Lady. I couldn't stop. Couldn't help myself. The anticipation was almost too much to stand. The phone had to ring before I could pull myself away from your "Mindless loop." So, I was perfectly prepared when I began "The Key." I may have listened more than once. It's always a thrill when I can barely remember what you did to me - vague, dreamy impressions, deep pleasure and strong need for more training. Soon. Mistress, I adore you. I would have used stronger language but it just seems right to put it this way. I suspect you may have had something to do with it. I am still trembling. Thank you, Mistress.

My Dear Mistress Carol, After reading all reviews about the Overload mp3, I finally understand its influence. Because of falling asleep after some minutes during your introduction into Overload it was for me not possible to recognise me surrendering to your voice. But now I am sure Overload works very fine and I fall under your control during this session, but it is not possible for me to remember how it works. Maybe because you leave some comand not to remember. Nevertheless I sence some arousal, confidence and happiness after listening and being awaken from your trance. Thank you for Your kindness to bring me into trance and controlling me with your sexy voice. It makes me feel so close to You and my mind craves for being emptied and filled totally with You and Your voice.

Oh Mistress Carol, Why is it, when I hear the sound of your Voice, I crave to listen to  you even more than I craved listening to you even more,  before. Damn! I don't simply adore your Voice, and all  She represents to me as your Being being my Mistress, I love  the sound of your Voice as it is the Voice of you becoming  my Mistress who controls me, owns me, and holds my soul in  the palm of the sound of your Voice, simply because you are  you. Do you not know I would do anything you command ?  Of course you do. Do you not know I could do anything you so choose to tell me when under your hypnosis? Of course you do.  And so do I. Thank you, Mistress Carol.  Thank you for all  you have done so easily to make me so enthrallingly  yours.

A Sonnet for Mistress Carol

The last soft touch of Your pale hand remains
so real even when it has long been gone.
My lips are colored by Your lipstick stain,
my soul bound tight by the spell of Your song.
You have caught me within Your subtle fugue,
given me no option but to follow.
My mind spins around, my thoughts are confused.
I only conceive what You might allow.
My summons to the great ball of the dead
is signed by You in blood, I've no option.
You, skin translucent, lead me to your bed.
I will suffer there for each confession.
I wake in a place disturbed by deviance,
lost in your addictive hypnotic trance.

When I bought Overload I hadn’t been listening to your files for several months, and I thought it might require some effort to go into trance by your voice. Oh boy I was wrong. I don’t know if it was old triggers or new suggestions that took me down, but I was completely gone during the first listening. First I was not sure if I fell asleep or not, but I think I was just very deep down, because I woke up on the count of 5 or 6. And I've never been this deep down before. I absolutely don’t recall anything from the session at all, and I LOVE it !!!  I don’t want or need to know what you implant in my head either. I know you do what is best for me and I trust you 100 percent on that. Dear Mistress Carol, you simply do this better than anyone else in this game, and I think most people who have listened to your files agree with me on this. I just adore you Mistress Carol, and I'm quite sure that I'm hooked on your voice forever now. I will listen to the Overload every day from now on, and I'm looking forward to many more delicious sessions with your files. Mmmm..... Thank you Mistress. 

What you do is really, really hard to do at all, and incredibly hard to do really well. As I said before, I think you are the best, or at the very least, one of the truly great hypnodommes ever. I think about the library of your recordings I have and I have to say that they are all extraordinary. It's true that some are much more favorite than others, but even the least favorite is very good. Men are very visual about their sexuality. You create these wonderful, sensual images with your words, with your voice, and even with your pacing, the spaces between words. Amazing! I think they're more powerful than any picture or visual image. Each is immediately identifiable as yours, even without a title or label. You have a style and a delivery that is so beautifully done, so very well performed. You are an outstanding author, actor, and producer. Like every artist, I'm sure you know about every flaw, every imperfection (to you, not to us), every little thing that you would do different. That must be hard. I wish you could hear them all as I do. They're perfect.

I have been regularly listening to your conditioning for 5 years now and I'm very responsive to the sound of your voice. Just recently, however, I feel I have stepped through a doorway into a room filled with pleasure and the door has closed behind me. I am trembling with excitement and anticipation. It is the excitement and anticipation of obeying without any consciousness awareness of my behavior and the pleasure that brings. Mistress, you have put me in a free fall and it feels wonderful. Thank you, Mistress.

You are a wonderful and powerful business Woman to be able to make all of these things happen Mistress Carol. I am so enthralled by Your ability to brush off this difficulty as if it were nothing to You.

Dear Mistress Carol, I have long been a dabbler in erotic hypnosis, and have long known I have a submissive side hidden from all in "my normal world".  When the mood strikes, I check out what's out there, research what others have to say, pick out some sexy hypnodomme,and visit her orbit, allowing myself to be captive to it for a while..  Inevitable at some point though, my resistance always started to grow - I begin focusing on the narcissism, the untrustworthiness or whatever other negative judgments that I begin having about the domme, and/or I would start to get bored. Plus the part of myself that really didn't want to be controlled by anyone would more and more assert itself.  So was my expectation would inevitably occur when I came across you. And though I sensed right from the start that your files were the most powerful, pleasurable and fun than I had ever experienced, and though I looked hard for some faults to take note of so that I could move on when the time comes (but finding absolutely none), I still didn't think it was possible I could ever declare myself as your devoted slave.  Nevertheless, each and every one of your files kept knocking me on my ass, and far from growing less and less affecting over time which had always been the case with files from other hypnodommes.  I began to be more and more intrigued, excited, and scared.  Clearly your programming was affecting me more deeply that I had counted on ever happening. Last week I got either the flu or food poisoning, and my desire to listen to your files was stopped in its tracks.  I thought of this as a good thing - I really needed, I felt, to move on, I have way too many things going on in my life for me to be consumed by some hypnodomme (sexy, likable and good person though she was).   After a few days of being on death's door, I started feeling better, and started getting a bit of a twinge to listen to one of your files again.  But I was feeling firm that I wasn't going to go back... except that I hadn't yet listened to your "self-improvement" file, "Positively Perfect Programming" that I had purchased (which for some strange reason was at the bottom of my list as compared to your other files about more "stimulating" endeavors). So I listened to "Positively Perfect Programming" yesterday.  First of all it was absolutely wonderful in getting me to attend to something I have really been wanting to do for a while. Secondly, it just spit me out, put me though the wringer, and knocked me on my ass probably more that any other of your files I have listened to to date.  I would rate it as my current favorite file of yours. But that reaction for whatever reason brought out all of my remaining resistance to you.  I re-signed up for niteflirt, and bought 3 files from two different enticing hypnodommes that were extremely well reviewed by other men.  I listened... and nothing...  Then I listened to one of your files for comparison, and was blown away, not only by my intense reaction to it and to you, but by the realization that I am so totally taken by this loving, sexy, manipulative erotic hypnodominatrix...  With those thoughts all pouring through my mind and it being late at night and I was quite exhausted, I slept with my mp3 player cycling through your files.  I awoke at 3 in the morning with "Positively Perfect Programming" playing again.  I'm still in awe now of the intensity of my reaction to that file at that point- I started humping my bed, totally recommitted to the area of my life I wanted to improve upon, declared my love for you, and felt so very grateful and nurtured.  I was and am very touched by the genuine love that radiates from you in that file.  And yet does this while never ceasing to exemplify the domme that excites me so. Where this all leaves me from this point forward I don't know.  But I do know this - I love you, Mistress Carol.  I know that I have fallen deep for you in spite of myself.  I hope in some small way I can contribute to making you happy.

Mistress Carol, Wow. Really. Your latest recording is so good, so totally effective in every way. You are a force of nature. An irresistible force of nature. It is truly scary just how much control you have over me. Every time I think you've done your best work, you surpass it. I am not worthy, I am not worthy... You are the best, way above that, and some.

I’d like you to know that in over 7 years of trancing, “Obedience” is the most powerful hypnosis session I have experienced, ever, from any hypnotist.  I don’t use superlatives lightly and sincerely mean that.  I remember very little of the session, but that never happens to me.  I went far deeper than I have gone with any session before.  I complied with a post-hypnotic suggestion, which I have never done before.  This session is amazing. “Obedience” also kept me awake all night, in a way.  I’ve been listening to “Dream for Mistress” quite a bit, trying to get that dreaming to work for me, but it hasn’t taken.  I’ve never had lucid dreams before.  Last night, I spoke the words “I dream of you my Mistress.  Come for me,” three times as I have before, but it was now completely different.  I instantly dropped into a trance ten times deeper than I had experienced outside a session.  I fell deeper, and deeper, and deeper, just kept falling deeper, far deeper than I thought or knew possible.  I kept awakening throughout the night, having mental orgasms, multiple mental orgasms, one starting as the last reached its peak, climbing higher and higher.  Then I fell back into trance and back to sleep for a while, and it happened again.  When I did wake up this morning, I was tired, but it felt to me like I’d just spent the last 8 hours having one continuous mind orgasm.  I didn’t get much done at work today either; it was hard not to think about last night’s experience. I have never experienced anything like these things in my years of trancing, and I look forward to even more, deeper new experiences.  Your sessions keep getting better and better and are now perfect.  You not only have a talent for hypnosis, but a gift.  Thank you, Mistress.

I am on top of the world. Thank You for the gift of that file. I am deeply impressed by how You think and how You are. Rare and exquisite!

Your words are a symphony. Your message resonates with my true self and I appreciate the opportunity to listen to You, Mistress Carol.

My deepest gratitude for what You did for me today.

Dear Mistress Carol, I am sitting here, writing you this email, enjoying the afterglow of your wonderful new session Re-Blended. I haven't reached out to you in quite a while, and so I thought I should remedy that with a quick note. I have been a loyal follower of yours for some time now, and with each new session, I grow more and more addicted to your mesmerizing voice. Your voice easily hypnotizes and controls me, and I fall deeper for you than any of the other hypnotists that I tried in the past. I can be a bit of a difficult subject, as I have a hard time truly letting go and surrendering. However, your voice has repeatedly brought me deeper than I ever expected I could go. Long story short, I just wanted to let you know that I adore you Mistress Carol. I look forward to your new offerings in the new year. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving weekend. Sincerely, your devoted slave

Mistress Carol, I have just listened to Schooled by Mistress - Second Lesson, and something absolutely amazing has happened. I know you will laugh and think me pathetic, Mistress (and quite rightly) but it actually works. You have got to me. You have touched something deep inside of me and I am actually genuinely losing myself. I go so deep, Mistress, so very very deep and I still want to go deeper. I think you are incredible. I have heard so many files by so many people over a number of years, and you are the very first one to really really get to me. I cannot get enough of listening to you, Mistress. your voice alone sends me spiralling. The thought of your voice does wonderful things to me. I have written a couple of reviews for you and have even tried using inraptured (although, as is obvious, I don't really know how to use it or how to engage with in properly). I think you are incredible, Mistress Carol. Incredible and amazing. There is no doubt whatsoever I will be getting more files. Thank you for letting me write to you, thank you for your wonderful voice and wonderful files, but thanks most of all just for being you.

Hello dear Mistress Carol, i have just sent You a tribute as a thank You for Your wonderful hypnotic sessions, several of which You very generously make freely available. Also as a thank You to You simply for being so wonderful and finally for the honour of writing to just wanted to say that Your recordings and Your Hypnotic Control is absolutely amazing, never before have i felt such submission, felt such a level of being controlled. Everything that i have experienced previously pales in comparison. It feels like everything i have experienced up until now was just playing at hypnosis, playing at submission. In Your sessions i completely, utterly and unequivocally surrender all of my Control to You. To be more precise, You completely and totally take Control of my mind, of my body. i have discovered true submission. Up until now in listening to erotic hypnosis i have always had an ulterior motive of wanting to be aroused, eventually to have an orgasm. With Your recordings and Your Control dear Mistress, it is purely the act of wanting to be controlled by You, the act of totally and completely surrendering to Your will that i crave.v realise that up until now, i was dictating where the trance led, retaining some level of Control as to where and how far i went, perhaps not fully consciously, but never the less holding on to that last thread of Control. This is like topping from the bottom. In going into trance for You Mistress, i give up everything . i can and do totally let go, You completely take over my mind, my body, my thoughts, my reality. You become my reality. i adore You Mistress, i love Your Control over me. i am addicted to Your Control and can’t get enough of listening to Your recordings, to Your sensual voice. Being controlled by Your superior, dominant, skillful power is a mind blowing spiritual experience. It enables me to let go of my ego, to embrace my true self and this makes me a more content and better person, both to myself and to my partner. Every time i listen to one of Your recordings, it has more and more of an effect upon me, and i fall deeper and faster than ever before. i love the fact that You are implanting triggers in my mind that i am not consciously aware of but that i know that exist and that work very effectively and instantly. Although my motive for listening to Your sessions is total surrender, to give You total Control, i do now become very aroused whilst listening. This arousal takes me deeper and makes me feel even more submissive. i do not touch myself whilst listening and as far as i recall the sessions that i have listened to so far did not command me to do so. If the did, i would of course do as commanded. Each session is however an ecstatic experience. i have been trancing for many years but the level of trance that i reach each time with You is profound. i can feel myself floating in space in total nothingness, my extremities, especially my arms, hands and fingers tingle, my closed eyes often flutter, i feel warm and safe, i often fell my body “oscillating” slightly. i then often feel dissociated from my body, as though i only exist in my mind, which is blank and controlled by Your voice, it is as though i am no longer part of my physical body. i feel as though i only exist in Your voice. i float in a darkness, darker than pure black an emptiness emptier than a void. If i was aroused and hard, as i usually become soon after hearing Your hypnotic voice, then i often become flaccid as i become remote from my body. i think that i do become hard again deeper in trance, but this is all a little just started my journey with my training as Your hypno-slave about three weeks ago and have been listening to Your sensual voice almost every day, often several times a day. Sessions such as “You will Obey (re-mastered)” seem to have a “C change” in effect after about eight or nine “listenings”, the effect becoming mind-blowingly powerful. i am looking forward to purchasing and listening to many more recordings, but am taking it slowly and listening to each session many times before moving on. i am finding that true submission is founded in repetition. Thank You again with all my heart Mistress Carol