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Sissy Bot

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This sissy/feminization file takes you into trance by you deliciously painting my toes and by the last little toe you are deep, open and receptive fully ready for your sissy training.  I will implant my trademarked "Sissy Bot" into you where data is collected and played back to you 24/7, either at low frequency that you can hear audibly or high frequency that bombards your mind constantly without any notice by you.  Don't worry.  It won't hurt a bit.

This session features:
  • Electronic MP3 download
  • Deep relaxation/trance
  • Sissy/feminization hypnosis
  • Device insertion
  • Programmed to wear feminine attire and makeup
  • No wake command
  • Background music and vocals
  • Theta level brainwave technology
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 34:04
To listen to a sample from, click here:  Sissy Bot Sample

BE AWARE hypnosis is for entertainment only.  The results from any hypnosis session vary with each individual.  By purchasing and listening to this session you acknowledge that hypnosis cannot make you do anything against your will.  This session contains brainwave entrainment technology which may be unsuitable for those with epilepsy or other health issues.  Consult your medical professional.  Listen to this recording in a safe environment only and never listen while operating any machinery of any kind.
5 Stars
I must admit that when I saw this recording, I was a little apprehensive about purchasing it. I had never desired to be a sissy before but had this huge curiosity about what it would feel like to be under Mistress Carols power to such a degree, that she could literally make me do or think anything. Anything at all. So I put the recording on.... To my amazement, I found myself quickly relaxing and falling under her spell, even though my mind was resisting the urge to go under for her. After all, I wasn't really sure if I wanted to be Mistress Carol's sissy. So I resisted. At first at least I did try. I don't remember consciously just about anything about this recording. I do know that it arouses me overwhelmingly. There is something so overwhelmingly arousing about listening to Mistress Carol's voice and just letting go. Letting go of everything. Even my identity. I had images of myself all dressed up for Mistress Carol. Dreams of being her sissy. Letting her dress me up. Playing with me. Like I was some kind of doll. A very happy blissful doll. Mindlessly blissful. And even though I could see what was happening in my dreams. I felt contented to let it happen. Just to see the smile on Mistress Carol's face made me feel so content and in the role of her sissy.
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Reviewed by:  from Canada. on 1/13/2019
5 Stars
This is a work of I felt a euphoric synaptic bliss while listening to this. I honestly felt tingling and automatic responses going on. Waves of pleasure that were being brought on by Mistress Carol and her programming. It is such a sensual recording and really felt hair standing up as well as other parts of my body were reacting as well.
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Reviewed by:  from USA. on 2/6/2019

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