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Seduced by Mistress

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Dropping you into a mind melting trance with my sweet conversational induction, I will uniquely transport you to the deepest depths of my dungeon. Here I will use you and your body for the simple tasks of pleasuring me and injecting my total dominance over you as we come simultaneously. This is a VERY sexually charged session and is X-rated.  Originally priced at $29.95

 File length is 42:44. File size is 97.8 MB. Themes include hands free orgasm, intercourse, loss of control, being owned. Effects: Background music, background vocals, binaural beats, heavy FX.

 To listen to a sample, click on the following link:  Seduced by Mistress Sample

BE AWARE hypnosis is for entertainment only.  The results from any hypnosis session vary with each individual.  By purchasing and listening to this session you acknowledge that hypnosis cannot make you do anything against your will.  This session contains brainwave entrainment technology which may be unsuitable for those with epilepsy or other health issues.  Consult your medical professional.  Listen to this recording in a safe environment only and never listen while operating any machinery of any kind.
5 Stars
A Champion for Sexual Fantasy
This review was inspired by “Seduced for Mistress”, but my true intention is to praise Mistress Carol for having the balls to create sexual fantasy hypnosis sessions. Since I first stumbled into the world of erotic hypnosis several years ago, I’ve been on the lookout for hypnosis designed to allow listeners to experience seduction and to live out sexual fantasies with dominant women. I remember thinking that this medium is perfect for that and surely most hypnodommes were already churning out sexual fantasy files. I found quite the opposite to be true. Most of what was available was specific to kinks that I had no interest in, and quite a few that I didn’t know existed. There were a few out there that I gravitated towards, but I often found them to be low quality (hypnosis and production value) or failing to truly embrace the seduction and intimacy I craved. I mean, hands free orgasm sessions completely devoid of any actual sexuality? Seriously? Why bother trying to have an orgasm if its completely detached from seduction and sex? Fortunately, it didn’t take long before some new hypnodommes came onto the scene who actually seemed to like men, to like sex, and to like the idea of controlling men by using our sexual desires against a good way. Mistress Carol is one of those hypnodommes. She understands that sex should be fun, and it is a damn good tool for bending a man’s will to her control. Her hypnosis is exemplary and sets a standard that any hypnodomme should strive for. The production value of her products are equally superb. When I think back to my early days in this fetish and remember the hypnodommes I listened to then (some of whom are still around and continue to disappoint this hypnoslave), I feel privileged to have found Mistress Carol. She has made my fantasies come alive. The fact that she is a lovely person with a great personality and sense of humor makes being her subject that much more of a joy. “Seduced by Mistress” is the perfect example of the type of hypnosis I’ve been looking for. I can’t recommend it highly enough for a gentleman looking for the ultimate experience of seduction and intimacy. Thank you Mistress Carol. And please don’t ever stop making sessions like this one.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Atop a soapbox . on 1/10/2014
5 Stars
Mesmerizing Mistress Carol!
Mistress Carol pulls out all of the stops so She can push all of your hypnotic buttons in this Erotic Hypnotic Tour de Force! Her voice comes through loud & clear in this exceptional example of quality FemDom Hypnosis. Mistress Carol uses many hypnotic techniques to lure you into Her hypnotic web. Pleasure in overabundance is the result! Seduced by Mistress is a most enjoyable hypnotic journey led by the Most Magnificent Mistress Carol!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from WPA. on 9/1/2013
5 Stars
Seduced By Mistress is Amazing!
This is one exquisite, hypnotic journey which will take you deep into the powers and world of this wonderful Hypnotic Dom. This is by far one of the best works I have had the pleasure in which to listen and the pleasure Mistress Carol unfolds for you is nothing short of amazing. If all sessions were like this, the world would become her oyster and we would all be her willing slaves! From the start of this beautifully woven induction to the climatic end you will not be disappointed and will want to listen to this every chance available. This session should be given 10 stars!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Midwest. on 12/19/2013
5 Stars
The best there is
I have listened to this recording so many times now, and only after all those listenings do I feel able to review it adequately. These days, when I prepare myself to listen, I find that my heart starts to race faster and faster and I tremble with anticipation. These feelings grow and grow until my headphones go on, and only then, when I first hear Mistress Carol's voice does the change in me begin. And it is a rapid change. I calm so quickly it is unbelievable. Within seconds my heart rate and breathing slow and I find myself sinking down, down and down into the exquisite, dangerous relaxation that Mistress can impose so effortlessly. I am already lost within moments. I have muscular arms and legs but in no time they become useless to me as the inescapable sleeper hold Mistress applies takes it's toll. I can feel my mental focus shifting inexorably to her and the sound of her voice. The world recedes and soon there is only we two in it as I succumb utterly. I am hers then and as unable to stop her taking control of my cock when she wants it as I am unable to fly. With each repetition of her Seduce command I feel it stir, stiffen and rise from my belly like a dazed prize fighter clawing his way up from the canvas. And then it is rigid and aching and I am struggling to stay in control of a powerful and overwhelming urge to cum. But each time I hold on, somehow, as I feel myself being wound up tight with sexual tension until I could simply explode at the merest touch. Which is what Mistress desires for me, of course. And when the Rocket command is given, buried amongst all of Her wondrously overpowering pleasure sounds, I cum, and cum, and CUM. And as I writhe helplessly in Her power I know that my head is being filled, even then, at its weakest ebb, with the suggestions that will make my next surrender even quicker and even more complete than this one. What a talented lady my Mistress is.
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Reviewed by:  from England. on 8/13/2016
5 Stars
the best so far
I've delved into many of Mistress Carols files and all are awesome but this is the one that stands out for me. I'm shivering with pleasure right now just thinking of the journey that I will take soon as I relisten to this file at bedtime tonight. A work of art. Superb.
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Reviewed by:  from pacific. on 6/18/2014
5 Stars
Mind Adventures are Sexy and Fun
No other track makes me orgasm under hypnosis as consistently as this one. Which always surprises me as I never think I am as deep under with this track as some of the others I regularly listen to. Mistress Carol has a beautiful voice and I enjoy her company when I am alone travelling away from home. Each time I listen to the track, my mind hones into something different in what she says and I see a new story in my mind. Its a great experience.
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Reviewed by:  from UK. on 2/9/2016
5 Stars
Mistress Carol’s “Seduced by Mistress” is by far, one of the most pleasurable and erotic recordings I have listened to date. Her soft, seductive but Commanding voice effectively places the listener into a relaxed and peaceful state of mind. Mistress Carol vividly and effectively paints the environment into the listeners mind. You will magically be transported to the deepest realm of Her dungeon. Upon arrival, you will have but 1 desire, to Obey Mistress’s every command and desire. The quality of the recording is crystal clear and the subtle background implantations do no distract you from Mistress. Being new to Erotic Hypnosis and listening to the recordings of several artists, Mistress Carol unequivocally puts the others to shame. If I were to rate this recording on a scale of 1 to 5, it would definitely be rated a 5+. I look forward to continuing my journey with Mistress Carol and implore others to do likewise. You have no other desire but to “Obey”.
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Reviewed by:  from Under Mistress Carol's Spell. on 3/8/2014
5 Stars
Seduced again
It had been a long long while since I had listened to this session, but yesterday I felt the need to once more test myself against its power. And I had forgotten slightly just how powerful it is. No sooner had my headphones gone on than I felt the same dangerous relaxation start to wash over me that always used to. And I soon remembered that Mistress knew exactly how to bend me to her will and make me her helpless plaything. Hopelessly in her power I found myself responding powerfully to the seduce command that she repeated over and over, my cock stiffening and hardening more and more with every repetition. My mind melted and the sheer effort of will to not cum I cannot even begin to describe. But I obeyed, my training taking hold so that, although my back arched and my fingers clawed at sheets from the effort of hokding back, I was able to hold on until I heard the blessed magic word. But, trust me, I was pumping out my load the instant that I did. And drinking in all the amazing submissiveness that Mistress was forcing me to experience whilst doing so. How I loved it. To once more be the willing thrall of my dear, beautiful, powerful Mistress was heaven on earth, and I cannot wait to be in her power again very soon and relive it all.
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Reviewed by:  from England. on 11/3/2018
5 Stars
Be seduced by this amazing fantasy
i haven’t really gone for fantasy adventures before, but this is session is really something special. It will take you for an amazing ride in more ways than you can imagine. Mistress Carol guides you on an amazing sexual fantasy, embracing Her love of men, of sex and of controlling men by using our sexual desires. Mistress will drive you wild with desire, empting your mind then filling it with pleasure. you will enjoy a very intimate experience with the Mistress climaxing when Mistress Carol will bring you to a hands free orgasm, with everything flowing out of you and into the Mistress. Every last remnant of control and resistance flowing away and being given to Mistress. i heartly recommend this session, allow the amazing vision of Mistress Carol, leather clad, with captivating, hypnotic green eyes take you deep and control you for Her pleasure. Smell the soft supple, black leather, comforting and arousing. Let Mistress Carol seduce you and control you as you totally surrender in this very sexually charged and X-rated session.
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Reviewed by:  from England. on 2/19/2016

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