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Purchase an Exclusive Custom Session

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Exclusive custom sessions are $800 for a 30 minute session. If you want a session longer than 30 minutes, send Mistress Carol an email and she'll let you know what the price would be.  (Background tracks are included in this base price.)   This is what you need to do:

  • Email Mistress Carol at [email protected] with your idea if you are unsure whether your idea is exclusive to you or non-exclusive or if you want a longer than 30 minute session.
  • Purchase your session (all sessions are paid in full prior to creation).
  • Email her a paragraph with your session idea along with the induction type you would like.
  • Custom sessions take between four and six weeks to complete depending on Mistress Carol's current workload or travel schedule.

Mistress Carol custom sessions are imaginative, unique and a lot of sexy fun.  Treat yourself today to that session you've always wanted.

5 Stars
It is difficult to describe the transcendent experience I have just undergone at Mistress Carol's hands. I contacted Mistress Carol with the Live Chat support feature and discussed about my desire for a custom made exclusive session to have an erotic experience filled with all my kinks and desires. The masterpiece she crafted was one of the most erotic and hypnotic experiences I have ever had. She only took 4 days despite warning me it might be 7-10 days and the work she did was masterful. I spent the entire week waiting for the session building up so much anticipation and arousal just thinking about her voice and what it would soon do to me. By the time the day came I was aroused, yearning and craving her. Despite all of those factors I don't think I have fallen so deeply or quickly after she said my name. Having her dulcet and seductive tones whisper my name is an indescribable experience and she instantly had me enraptured. Her choice of language was exquisite and made me realise how much i adore her style and choice of certain words which helped form the imagery of her there with me a powerful, goddess completely in control.Her induction was wonderful, filled with my kinks. She took my ramblings and constructed them into an incredibly erotic and arousing experience absolutely filled with the things I wanted. I won't go into detail about all of my personal kinks that she explored with me but having her address you and only you is an unforgettable experience that is like no other. She had my heart racing, cheeks flushed and my arousal under her control before we barely begun. While it is an expense if you have some extra money floating around and you want Mistress Carol's seductive voice and controlling presence to make an exclusive session just for you I would recommend you contact her and have a chat about what it is that drives you wild with excitement. I know I will get enjoyment from this session for years to come i expect I just can't seem to get enough of her intoxicating presence ;)
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Reviewed by:  from Aus. on 10/30/2016
5 Stars
Experience Personalized Nirvana
Mistress Carol has granted her slave a great gift in the form of an hour long, unique, mind obliterating session, where she shows him truly the depth of his obedience, longing and utter conviction to the most talented, beautiful, caring hypno domme ever to grace the audio waves of the internet. Mistress Carol once again demonstrates why she is truly just the very best at what she does, every layer, every vocal cue, each subtle inflection in her tone and voice oozing mastery and professionalism. Mistress Carol truly owns me and I am a blessed slave to be able to call me her own, the feeling of lying at her feet utterly helpless and devoted to her magnificent being is an indescribable feeling. Knowing that her touch can be soft or sharp, I lie there not needing any physical contact to know that I am and always have been her willing toy. It brings me such great pleasure to know that I can fall deeper into her control and embrace and knowing that Mistress Carol enjoys the sight of me helplessly before her. If you have never experienced Mistress Carol whispering your name to you I strongly suggest you personalise your favourite session. If you have already enjoyed that pleasure and wish Mistress Carol to explore your own personal depth of trance or explore a personal kink or theme then purchasing a custom session is mandatory. Knowing that Mistress Carol has crafted your session just for you, each word directed at your soul, each phrase designed to rob you of your mind is a very erotic and alluring experience. This is the second custom exclusive session that I have purchased and that should be all the recommendation that you need to breathe in her control over you and take the plunge. The first session was much more of an erotic adventure where she created the scenes and experiences I wished to explore. This second session was much more focused at her utter dominion over me, describing my devotion and my place at her feet. If you’ve experienced any of Mistress Carol’s beautifully crafted work you know she is a sensual playful Mistress whose scope of hypnosis sessions and types is second to none and she will be able to craft whatever type of experience you wish. I am attempting to write this session while her layers of Brainwashing are caressing my tired sleepy mind. It is an indescribable feeling having her honeyed dulcet words whispering into the very fabric of your being the words you’ve always craved to hear.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Aus. on 7/26/2020
5 Stars
Customed for my Mistress
my Mistress is creating and shaping me, through a perfect one hour long session, and transforming me into what she wants. A piece of art and one of a kind hypnosis session i am training myself to to be exactly what my Mistress wants me to be.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Cairo. on 7/16/2020

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