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Personalize Enter the Deep

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Learn more about personalized sessions see my blog - What is session personalization?

Prepare to enter the deepest hypnotic trance you have ever experienced love.  In this extreme hypnosis session, you will experience an easy entry into trance by just listening to my sensual voice.  You will fall without effort or care and after several perfectly prepared deepeners, I will allow you to Enter the Deep, a very deep trance state inside an already deep trance state and you find it by simply listening to my voice..  I will place my vortex beneath you and as it opens it will draw you down, draw you in, sending you into deeper and deeper levels of trance and eventually into the deepest most extreme trance you have ever experienced.

This session features:
  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Multilayered tracks of voice and whispers
  • Metronome
  • Extremely deep trance training
  • Erotic sexy suggestions
  • Wellbeing suggestions
  • Background music
  • Brainwave technology
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 44:19
To listen to a very long sample, click here:  Enter the Deep Sample

BE AWARE erotic hypnosis is for entertainment only.  The results from any hypnosis session vary with each individual.  By purchasing and listening to this session you acknowledge that hypnosis cannot make you do anything against your will.  This session contains brainwave entrainment technology which may be unsuitable for those with epilepsy or other health issues.  Consult your medical professional.  Listen to this recording in a safe environment only and never listen while operating any machinery of any kind.
5 Stars
Peronalize Enter the Deep
Scrolling through the load of Mistress Carol's recordings I repeatedly returned to the chapter "Where to start" and I couldn't help craving to have this recording become a personalized session. It was the best decision I ever made because being addressed with my first name by Mistress Carol immediately wrapped me into an overwhelming warm feeling of closeness to her. And then the descent into the deepest trance that I ever experienced gently started. I love everything in Mistress Carol's voice, how she's using it to seduce and convince me to do whatever she wants. And in addition she took such great care of me during the whole time! This session felt extremely good - and still does, feeling the afterglow of intense relaxation! There is no need of a special sexual topic to find a session of Mistress Carol highly arousing. I have become a hypnofetishist for a long time and the depth of a trance is tantamount with the level of arousal for me. So this trance was intensely arousing for me because it went soooo deep! I am already looking forward to the next journey into the vortex of ultimate deep levels of trance. I can't stop praising the experience I had while listening to this recording. It is such a great experience that you have to enjoy yourself to come to the conclusion that there are no words at all to only roughly describe how deep you went into trance. I highly recommend this session in its personalized edition! Thank you for this fantastic trip Mistress Carol!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Germany. on 1/29/2020
5 Stars
Have your mind and will devoured.
I always try and do Mistress Carol’s sessions justice when I attempt to review them. It is such a challenge because the first few times I inevitably remember little of the content of these sessions only remembering the profound feelings of submission, obedience, joy and arousal she instills in me. It is usually only after the third attempt that I can start to remember fragments of the session that I have listened to. I tried to lie down and critically review the session and unsurprisingly feel deep under her control and deep down into the dark. I had to listen to this session while doing other tasks so I didn’t become profoundly under her control immediately. When the metronome commenced however it felt almost as if I was intoxicated, her rhythmic dulcet tones seducing my mind. My mind acted like a grounding rod for the powerful, irresistible electrifying control of Mistress Carol. Mistress Carol’s radiance will guide you down to a state of deep hypnosis, a level of depth call The Deep. As always, Mistress Carol’s voice gently but firmly guides you down towards The Deep. Using descriptive imagery and her velvet words to cocoon you into her control. Hearing your name is simply electrifying and I now have 5 personalised sessions of hers, a testament to how amazing her work is and how much pride and care she puts into her sessions as a dominant hypnotist. You will find a level of depth, comfort and obedience where you can feel her intimate control of your mind Indulge yourself in her honeyed words and be intoxicated by her delightful control of your mind and body. Mistress Carol can read me so easily, knowing that thoughts of her possess my mind even outside of her sessions. She incites strong feelings of joy, self-improvement, obedience I am her deeply obedient hypnotised boy. As always, her slave.
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Reviewed by:  from Aus. on 3/9/2019
5 Stars
Enjoy the Deep Trance
Once again, take a hypnotic journey with the beautiful Mistress Carol - this time travel down, way down into the deepest area of Her Hypnotic Domain where only She knows where you are going. All you need to do is relax, listen to Her voice, let go and enjoy this wonderful deep trance adventure to the point where you will want to experience it over and over again. As always She will take good care of you. While it is difficult for me to remember any specifics (which I totally enjoy this part of Her hypnosis) - I will say that each time I have listened to it, then I woke up afterwards with incredible feelings of joy, peace and happiness throughout my mind and body with a big smile. This one is even better as a personalized session.
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Reviewed by:  from USA. on 2/10/2019

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