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My Handicapped Life with Mistress Carol

Posted by Jens on 9/27/2019

My handicapped life with Mistress Carol

I have been with Mistress Carol for almost 10 years now, and I have been involved with hypnosis for almost 13 years. Before but also in between I had joined a mistress in the German-speaking area, where an English education as a slave and Sissy became part of me. But at that time I also tried many hypnoses of other mistresses. In the end it was Mistress Carol, the voice of Mistress Carol, her unique kind of induction of hypnosis, and the correspondence with her via mail and discovering a real lady and hypnosis domina that captured me. Oh, I was always so devoted and submissive back then, that when I received an e-mail from Mistress Carol I automatically fell on my knees.

…………………….oh, my humility and euphoria,..... I digress from the topic.

Well, almost 10 years with Mistress Carol, but a slipped disc and a resistant hospital germ threw my life off track in the third year, so that today I am sitting in a wheelchair, paralyzed on one side downwards. I didn't want to live with this diagnosis anymore. I just didn't see any sense in my life anymore. Then as now, Mistress Carol was the one who saved me from stupidity, supported me, gave me help and support, so that all the doctors were amazed at my progress. I was still paralyzed, but full of joy again.

A heart attack, which I only survived because my wife was in the right place at the right time, and a stroke, threw me off course again last year. Once again it was Mistress Carol who helped me. I still have to fight with the effects of the stroke, because I had to learn everything new, or to fall back on the stored information on my internal hard disk.

Nobody else has been able to bring me closer to hypnosis, the effectiveness of hypnosis, going deeper into a trance.......etc. than Mistress Carol. I am now able to visualize what never worked before. Let me give you an example to illustrate this.

Let's take a file from MC, with orgasm. I never used to be able to listen to such files. As soon as the request came to stroke, it was over with me, because I knew I had no feeling there, because I am paralyzed down there, and I left the trance.

Today that is not a problem. I don't even need to touch my cock. I imagine it figuratively, with all the veins, how the blood is pumped there more and more purely, and my hand, how it strokes my cock. He gets thicker and thicker and thicker and the veins are more and more visible as the blood flows into it. Feelings automatically set in until I then, with permission, get a mad orgasm. This one is so violent and beautiful. And imagine, there is even an ejaculation in the pants!!!!!! Everything is possible with Mistress Carol and hypnosis!!!!!!!!!

Well, it took its time until I was as far as I am now, but it works, and from time to time even better. Imagine everything possible, and it works!!!! I am already full of euphoria again, only by this revolutionary possibility, and what is possible thereby everything is possible.

I can only appeal to every physically handicapped person to train with Mistress Carol, to be obedient, humble, and willing to submit completely. Because otherwise you will never be able to switch off your thoughts and mind. And sooner or later, they will be just as amazed as I am.  I can only lie on my virtual knees and thank Mistress Carol from my heart and soul. With tears of joy and gratitude in my eyes I look up to a true diva, a domina, a goddess without equal, one with a giant big heart.

Who knows what will happen in the future? I am curious and hope for another life with Mistress Carol.  Thank you my goddess.

Your jens




Mark E. Miller
Date: 6/1/2020
I’ve never cried so many hard hard years after reading this. I’ve suspected that this magic was possible and this proves it. There’s only 3 or 4 people on the planet that know this. Just try and explain it to anyone. My god thank you boy for telling your story. But most of all. I thank my god for this wonderful woman. She makes me think that I’m still worth something. She’s absolutely the most beautiful creature I’ve ever encountered. Outwardly inwardly with a golden heart and soul. I love her

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