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Br*inwashed Around MY Little Finger

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This session starts with a powerful layered induction filled with triggers to pull you deep into hypnosis.  Mistress Carol then places all sorts of suggestions into you to make you a better slave for her, to serve her in your own perfect capacity.  Have you always wanted to serve but needed a little push to do it?  This is the br*inwashing session for you.

This session features:
  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Multilayered induction with triggers
  • Obedience/submission
  • Ownership
  • Promotion suggestions
  • Service suggestions
  • Love and addiction
  • "Slave" references
  • Metronome
  • Background music and vocals
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Wake command at end
  • Session length is 35:08

BE AWARE erotic hypnosis is for entertainment only. The results from any hypnosis session vary with each individual. By purchasing and listening to this session you acknowledge that hypnosis cannot make you do anything against your will. This session contains brainwave entrainment technology which may be unsuitable for those with epilepsy or other health issues. Consult your medical professional. Listen to this recording in a safe environment only and never listen while operating any machinery of any kind. Do not use drugs or alcohol when listening to hypnosis.

5 Stars
Wrapped around her little finger
This is one of my absolute favourites, for use in my training to become a better and more useful slave to Mistress Carol. She will bring you into deep trance, hypnotized, brainwashed and mind f*cked, wrapped around her little finger. A delicious experience and good training. Your subconscious mind will be filled with ideas about how to please your Mistress. I believe it is the session in my collection bringing me deepest into trance. It happens that I black out somewhere in the middle, to wake up in a pleasant afterglow sometimes after Mistress Carol was finished with me. This session is a pleasant experience and it is a “must have” for anyone wanting to strengthen their devotion and submission to the wonderful Mistress Carol. Strongly recommended.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Europe. on 5/17/2020
5 Stars
Best of the Best - a gift for all slaves
Simply the best session of our wonderful Mistress Carol. I've listened first time to this session twice in a row. So strong and wonderful feelings. I can't get enough. I'd like to commit my slavish soul to our Mistress forever. My only desire is to serve and please her. I am so happy to be a devoted slave of our Mistress. I ask myself, what can I do for her? She does so much for us slaves. I adore Mistress Carol.
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Reviewed by:  from Germany. on 3/28/2020
5 Stars
Need to Serve & Obey Mistress Carol
Never before have i felt such an intense need to serve and obey in my life. I have been a consumer of erotic hypnosis for well over a decade but not until now have i known what it is to be completely brainwashed and made to mindlessly serve and obey. If you're already familiar with Mistress Carol's style then you will drop deeply and instantly when the induction hits your mind. She will put your mind far beyond the reaches of your weak and unresisting conscious mind and instruct and compel your submissive and deeply hypnotized subconscious to obey. You will obey Her commands and feel intense and ridiculously blissful pleasure in knowing that you are being hypnotically controlled and manipulated to an extent you didn't realize was possible. This session had such a powerful effect on my mind that it looped 4 times as my blissed out hypnotized mind just indulged in floating and soaking myself in Mistress Carol's hypnosis. It feels amazing to allow Mistress Carol this unprecedented level of control but once you press play on this file you won't have any choice other than to obey. As ever, Mistress Carol has exceeded expectations with Her hypnotic control over my mind.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from France. on 3/19/2020
5 Stars
Mistress Carol easily hypnotizes and controls me
It sent me to a distant place.. down deep.. i kept repeating all mantras and chants Mistress used in all other files as i craved more control and more hypnosis. I crave extreme hypnosis and more agony.. please Mistress i beg You to use me
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Cairo. on 6/3/2020
5 Stars
Renewed desire to serve and please Mistress Carol
All is in the title. I was hooked, I pressed play to be Br*inwashed and I was. I made the choice to press Play, the rest is Mistress Carol's decision and control. Mistress Carol can so easily toy with my mind. I found a renewed and stronger desire to please and seek her approval.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from France. on 10/26/2020
5 Stars
Totally Bound
Intensive submissive training at its finest! I feel like a helpless string tied around her finger - pulled tightly to Mistress Carol's desire. A must for all of her slaves!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Midwest. on 7/18/2020

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