I recently became enchanted by Mistress Carol's hypnotic power. I started out as someone who previously had trouble being hypnotized using audio sessions and in several live sessions with pro HypnoDommes.  I found Mistress Carol online and started reading some of the reviews. The reviews were stellar. They were very convincing and it seemed that if Mistress Carol could not hypnotize me, no one could. So I started with two free sessions, "You Will Obey" and "You Can Trance Deeply". It took some time and many tries, but I began to feel very floaty during the sessions and I was very pleased with how deeply relaxed I became during the sessions. I purchased a few more sessions on sale and with more listening I felt I was really becoming hypnotized as some of the post hypnotic suggestions were apparent. The feelings of relaxation became much deeper, and I often had the sensation of free falling during the sessions. I was truly being hypnotized and becoming totally enthralled with Mistress Carol and felt deeply under her power and control. I really wanted to see her in person, but Mistress Carol lives in N. California and I am on the east coast. I had little to no chance to see her in person on a regular basis. But I still wanted the experience of being hypnotically controlled in a live session.

I had the idea to have Mistress Carol create a custom audio session where the triggers would be implanted and used not by her, but by my wonderful and lovely (and world renown) local Mistress, Mistress Tyler of Washington, DC. I bounced the idea first off Mistress Carol to see if the idea was feasible and had any merit. She said it was something that could be done but would need time, effort on her part and coordination between all the parties. Mistress Carol could not be more gracious with her advice, suggestions, and willingness to talk with both me and Mistress Tyler before she designed the session. Mistress Tyler was very interested in what I was proposing and was seemed as hot to move forward as I was. Mistress Carol told us she required substantial input from the both of us and was very generous with her advice and suggestions. We never actually had a three-way conversation, but part of the fun for me was that I had no idea what the two Mistresses were discussing, so whatever the triggers were to be implanted would be a surprise, at least until I started listening to the training. I did have a discussion and much email back and forth with Mistress Carol about the session as well. I was OK with whatever they came up with, and Mistress Tyler knows me very well after 15 years. I did request that if possible, the implanted suggestions could be things that were not specific to a particular scene and could be easily "re-used" in other subsequent sessions, as the tribute for the custom session was significant. Worth every penny!

I began listening to the training sessions. They were extraordinarily produced, as are all of Mistress

Carol's productions. I listed almost daily for the week before the session. There were a few times when I was totally gone while listening. There were two implanted triggers, one was to respond to a phrase Mistress Tyler would say with profound feelings of adoration and submission, and the other was to respond to a particular color of toe nail polish that Mistress Tyler would wear with a ravenous desire to worship her beautiful (truly, they are perfect) feet.

On session day I was a bit nervous, but the one thing I knew for sure was that I would have a fantastic session, because I always do with Mistress Tyler. The session started like many others. It was about 15 to 20 minutes into the session when Mistress Tyler first used the trigger phrase. By then I was fully bound, strapped down to a bondage bench. On first hearing the phrase, I felt stunned. I believe something like Oh my! came out of my mouth, and then the response came washing slowly over me. I worship her as it is but the feelings of adoration and submission were overwhelming. They were my focus and seemed inescapably etched into my thoughts and feelings. It was an amazing feeling and Mistress Tyler used it to her advantage many times during our session.

Even more amazing was the effect of the foot worship trigger. Mistress Tyler climbed up on the bondage bench, placed her lovely black pump near my face and slowly slid the shoe off her foot, revealing her perfect toes with the trigger color. I just about lost it. I went absolutely crazy with desire to kiss her toes. I went literally out of my mind, as Mistress Tyler teased and teased and teased. I have always been very enthusiastic about worshiping Mistress Tyler's toes, but I never before had a desire level this strong. When she finally stopped teasing and let me kiss them, I was totally consumed by worshiping and just went wild. I can't wait to do this again.

I adore both these ladies. Mistress Carol brought something very interesting and powerful into my playtime with Mistress Tyler. She is a fabulous hypnotist and I highly recommend her if you are interested in hypnosis and Hypno-Domme fantasies.

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