Being in chastity for 30 days can be a daunting, difficult yet satisfying adventure.  This blog space is for my chastity slaves to share their experiences and support one another in their journey of prolonged chastity.  Do you have questions or comments you would like to share with me or others?  This is your space to share your thoughts and feelings.

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Date 3/20/2017

At first i purchased this recording to prove my love for You Mistress but lately i realize it is just as much to prove it to myself. Being an ex-hypnotist i knew that by taking this step i would be giving up more control to You and that is exactly what i desire most. I've easily gone seven days. Most likely because of a busy schedule but thirty days without release seemed like a worthy challenge. I've practiced edging for other HypnoDommes in the past. That practice is also supposed to instill a deeper hold over the subject. However, in all these past experiences there was always something missing. Somehow, over the last few years, You have proven Your love, kindness and genuine compassion for humanity to me and that is why i have this deep trust in You. So, for all who read this, the torture of denial for this amount of time is nothing to the love that continues to grow for this amazing woman. Also, the release i look forward to will probably blow my mind!


Date 3/20/2017

I’m slightly over half way in my 30 days of chastity for Mistress Carol and glad to see this blog to express some of the emotions surrounding this difficult task. I enjoyed erotic hypnosis and chastity before undertaking this journey but never have put the two together in such powerful way before. I easily connected to Mistress Carol’s sensuous voice that seems to have just the right amount of dominance in it to bring me into obedience but have only been her follower for a few months. She has answered all my emails with understanding and in such a professional way it has been very easy to want explore further. Chastity has been an interesting and demanding kink that I’ve experimented with over the last few years so I could not pass up the newly offered 30 days ..wondering all the time how I could possibly go that long and what would hypnosis bring into the intense dynamic. The combined effects of these two has been hard to put into words. Confusing/frustrating comes to mind first because my body at this point is so full and aching for release while my mind is mysteriously content to obey for 30 days. Knowing how difficult it would be for me, I had the session personalized which I feel has greatly added to Mistress Carol’s control over the situation. The first weeks were difficult enough, but I believe the real battle is still ahead as the physical continues to grow its need for release each day. Just when I start thinking I can do this, it seems like the ache is that much more difficult. I wonder how others are faring in their struggles? Does repeat listening to the session help or does the bodily demands over-ride your thoughts? How far along are you?


Date 3/20/2017

Enjoyed reading the comments here regarding your special hypnotic journey into chastity so far with Mistress Carol. I am going to order a personalized version of the session in the next few weeks. Having been listening to Mistress Carol's hypnosis for a long time now but never tried any form of chastity. I thought this experience may increase my submission and devotion to Her. We shall see how it goes and will reply back after I begin the process.


Date 3/21/2017

Bob, I too had my recording personalized due to my known weaknesses. Seems your struggle matches mine very closely. I listen to the recording about once every two days now. At first it was twice a day. I wanted the instructions to plant themselves securely. I also find the mind wanting to obey but the body begging for release. Maybe we should invest in some extra sound-proofing for the up and cumming release.


Date 3/23/2017

This has been an interesting journey. I am a little more than half way through. Although my schedule has been busy, I have been focused on erotic longings much more than usual. Women look better everywhere, but not for sex but rather for submission. I listen on the average of once per day. I find the recording to be encouraging and drawing well on my need to please. This is my longest fast ever. I wonder what Mistress Carol would recommend for a recording suitable for the ultimate release. Mistress Carol's power is amazing!

Mistress Carol

Date 3/23/2017

I love Richard's question regarding a recording suitable for such a momentous release. My recommendations would be Yes, You Will, but of course that comes with a caveat, The Offering or Slide into Submission for the ultimate securing of your submission to the chastity experience. I can't wait to hear about the results once your are permitted to release again. xoxo


Date 3/28/2017

I'm almost at the end of 30 days and amazed I have made it this far without the slightest break with the physical desires. Mistress Carol control is simply total and very powerful if it controls my need for release. I have also been listening to Obedience and combining the two sessions seems to have a very strong grip on the situation. With that said, all I can think about is reaching my goal, I'm planning on listening to the extended version of Slide into Submission which I have not heard before. Good luck to all on the journey.


Date 4/3/2017

Well, as Mistress has commanded, I will complete 30 days of chastity tonight. I plan to release tomorrow after trancing to slide into submission for the first time. Thank you Bob for recommending Obedience as a prelude, it worked well. And thank you Mistress for providing the will to see this through, and for all of the extra attention to arousal it provided, keeping me mindful of Your control. Mistress Carol controls my mind and pretty much everything else in such a fulfilling way...


Date 5/11/2017

Good evening. Well, here we go...I just placed my order for a personalized 30-days of Chastity session with Mistress Carol. Once I actually start the process then I plan to post more updates about it here and how it is going. This year is turning into a year of new adventures for me which will now include a training session in chastity. Personally I have never experienced any form of chastity by either hypnosis files or by using a chastity device instrument - so overall this will be all brand new for me. I am excited about taking a new step forward into submission with Mistress Carol and maybe even learning a little bit more about myself through the process. I have been listening to Her hypnosis sessions almost exclusively for at least four years now so I believe I have become quite conditioned to Mistress Carol's unique style of hypnosis. On the other hand, I must admit that I am a little anxious / nervous to see how my mind / sub-conscious mind and body all reacts to the hypnotic commands found in the session,. But at this point I trust Mistress Carol so very much and that I am looking forward to this as a most positive experience. Maybe even going past the thirty days may be a goal for later on, but we shall see. At some point during the time period I expect there to be some struggles, but with Mistress Carol's help, I plan to make it through to the end. I guess I just need to take this all one day at a time.


Date 5/21/2017

Well, I believe that overall my first week in training with Mistress Carol’s 30 day Chastity program went rather good. I kept Mistress Carol informed about what happened with me during the week. She is quite good at what She does and shows genuine caring and compassion for those who train with Her which I totally appreciate. But on the other hand of course, one needs to show genuine respect to Her as the Mistress in charge here. Anyway, I obediently listened to the Chastity session at least once or twice each day during the week as time permitted. I figured that this would help me to better go deep into trance and reinforce Her commands in my mind. I found that I did not have too many of the normal basic male urges to do you know what during the first week. I could pretty much avoid any of that. However, I totally expect maybe during the third or fourth week of this program that some of the regular struggles for any new guy to chastity would have with this type of program will probably all hit me by then. Mistress Carol has told me many times that She wants me to relax and enjoy this thirty days journey with Her and this has definitely helped with my comfort level. Before I started this program I had myself rather stressed out and worrying about this and that and general stuff. Sometimes personally my mind gets over-active and difficult to turn-off so repetitive listening is definitely required for me. Mistress Carol's hypnosis in general has definitely helped to calm down my over-active mind which I am forever grateful for Her. This is the only hypnosis session that I have been exclusively listening to this past week. I will continue with this listening schedule throughout the thirty days. When I usually listen to Her sessions, I tend to mix it up when I feel the need to go into Her trance, but with this Chastity program I felt that it would be better for me to only listen to this one session to hopefully reach the deepest trance possible and to feel the full effects and intended results from Mistress Carol. If possible, I highly recommend getting this session personalized since it will help the listener feel much closer to the Mistress and to feel even like as if She is in the same room talking directly to you. I am finding out that the personalized option for her sessions is definitely the way to go especially if you are serious in hypnosis training with Mistress Carol. I have been listening to Her hypnosis sessions for over four years now and at this point I really felt that the personalized sessions are one of the best ways to experience Mistress Carol’s hypnotic goodness. I suppose anything better may be an online Skype hypnosis session or if it is ever available, an in-person session with Her would be the ultimate best Hypnosis experience. Anyway, my plan is to keep going on the Chastity program while keeping Mistress Carol informed as to how my progress is going. my desire is to please Her the best that I can. And I will post another update here soon. Overall I hope this program helps me to transform into a better more positive person and to become a better hypnosis submissive for Mistress Carol. I have enjoyed reading the other messages posted here about the Chastity program and other messages too. I look forward to hearing from others about their experiences with this session or other hypnosis programs. Thank you.


Date 6/11/2017

Approaching the finish line -- Well my first time period ever being in any kind of Chastity is starting to come to an end – five more days to go until my release day. It has been quite a ride of sorts as I try to sum up this unique journey. I want to say thank you very much to Mistress Carol for being so good, caring, and compassionate to me throughout the entire program. At the beginning, I was quite anxious, stressed out and even a bit intimidated about giving up my own self-pleasure control to someone else – especially for thirty days. But looking back now – the thirty days period is a totally reasonable length of time especially for a beginner like me. Even though there was no physical chastity device being locked up on me, the hypnosis control that I felt was very real as Mistress Carol proceeded to hypnotically lock up my own mental state to keep me from doing my self-pleasure for thirty days as She commanded and I gave up my control to Her. The first two weeks of chastity training were rather pleasant / went smooth as I listened and became conditioned to Mistress’s commands by listening to the session at least once a day and twice a day on the weekends. The last two weeks as I suspected personally became quite challenging for me. Mistress Carol knows all about this but She was very understanding and compassionate during this time. I’m guessing that probably each listener may have a slightly different personal experience with chastity. Adding to the complexity of this training process is the long distance between me and Mistress Carol –She is on the West coast while I am on the East coast part of the country. But if the listener takes this hypnosis program honestly and seriously, then this program really is quite effective and does work very well even at a long distance. To add to the overall experience, I purchased the personalized version of this file. It helped me feel even closer to Mistress as She directly spoke my name and commanded me during the hypnosis process and training. Personalization of this file or any other of Mistress Carol’s sessions truly adds to the most positive and most excellent hypnotic experience. Personalized hypnosis allows Her commands to sink even deeper into my stubborn sub-conscious mind. Originally I had mentioned to Mistress Carol that I wanted to expand my submissive training with Her and figured that chastity would be the next step in the process. Chastity training was always available on Her website, but this was a totally new training session She had created and sounded rather interesting. As a loose comparison, I recently went on my first zip-line experience on vacation and found that it was similar in some ways for me with chastity. At first I was stressed out and anxious at never having been on a zip-line, but once I was on the first couple of lines, then my fears had all but faded away. Before I knew it, I was enjoying the zip lines across the tree tops very much and it was all quite enjoyable by the end of it. At this point in chastity, I am actually enjoying the program knowing that I am pleasing Mistress Carol with my submission to Her control and also learning some rather personal things about myself. Mistress Carol helped with my comfort level by being so open and understanding with me. More than once I needed to send Her a “help me” type of email or a status update or something to let Her know how I was feeling at the time as I struggled with conflicting emotions bouncing around in my head. She also liked to hear about the good feelings too that I had. She likes to stay updated with the listener’s progress with Her files. Mistress was very open and accepting of my emails and replied to all of them. As I think back, some emails I had sent might have even been a little personally embarrassing for me, but it was mostly the conflicting emotions going on in my mind that was coming out of me in the form of emails to my Mistress. She was quite helpful, understanding, and comforting to me and supportive throughout the entire chastity program. After two weeks, at times there were strange feelings going on inside of me – nothing bad, but just different types of emotions happening like I had never experienced before. Without going into details – let’s just say that there were a couple of times where my normal basic male desires and urges were at a heightened point and conflicting with my mental desires needing to please Mistress Carol and my desires wanting to obey Her chastity commands. At many points I believe that this does become quite a personal experience between the submissive and the HypnoDomme. I highly recommend experiencing Chastity at least once for anyone who listens to and enjoys hypnosis / hypnotic control with Mistress Carol. You may be pleasantly surprised during the journey and will enjoy the positive internal results. I am happy to say that I have remained obedient and in chastity during this period. It turned out to be a very positive and rewarding experience. I eagerly look forward to Mistress Carol’s releasing me in a few days with Her commands. And as with the zip-line adventure which I would happily do again – at some point in the future, I too would also be very open and most willing to submit to another length of time in Chastity for Her - Thank You Mistress Carol.

Giles Marshall

Date 7/12/2020

I'm not many days into my hypnotic chastity for Mistress Carol, but so far it's still been exhilarating. After listening alongside a few other files the first time, I decided I'd listen to the 30 day chastity recording every night. After playing the chastity file, I'm revisiting the incredible Schooled by Mistress series, listening to parts 1-4 for 7 days each, until the last few days, where I'll listen to Final Exam. Every night, one of those sessions is followed by a looped file, and then I listen to something else when I wake up. I'm always strongly affected by these sessions, and I'm eager to see how much more powerful they become the further in I get. My mind wanders far more often than before, and whenever it does, I hear Mistress' voice reminding me of how much control she has over me and how good that feels. I've reached new depths already, and it becomes clearer that all other pleasures pale in comparison when giving myself completely to Mistress Carol. I'm anxious and excited to see where this 30 days takes me because I've never done or felt anything like this. I'm looking forward to sharing my experience. Thank you Mistress Carol for this space which myself and others can use to express our thoughts.


Date 8/2/2020

What an incredible month! I followed the listening schedule I'd set for myself religiously, and each successive session was more powerful, and more pleasurable than the last. Even out of trance, now I feel like part of me is still deep under Mistress Carol's control, and as well having increased focus carrying out day to day tasks, I also find myself in a sort of pleasant daze knowing how much power she has over me. I find it exciting to imagine a hypnotist dropping me down without warning whenever they want, but I've also realised that I've been programmed by Mistress to constantly crave submission, which is so hot, and it's like I'm being commanded to fall into hypnosis all the time! There were tough moments where I wanted so badly to listen and surrender that it was sort of painful that I couldn't at that moment. I wasn't thinking about how badly I wanted release, instead I found myself wanting increasingly desperately to surrender, but nevertheless, the payoff at the end was enormous, and it's the best I've ever felt. I'll definitely be doing this again, and I'm so incredibly lucky to have found Mistress Carol!


Date 10/7/2020

Week one of Locktober is now in the bag (cage?) Thank You Mistress Carol for guiding and encouraging me with Your 30-Day-Chastity file. I regularly go 30+ days between release but adding a cage changes the dynamic. The first few days I was like a wild mustang that has been put in a horse stall for the first time, kicking and bucking at the walls in frustration. Eventually I settle down, unbroken but accepting of my current fate. I had a release on 9/30 so my levels of arousal are just now starting to build back up, today it's much more noticeable. The second week for me is always the hardest as the hormones continue to build: my dreams will become more erotic and much more vivid. I've only needed to listen to Mistress' sweet voice twice this week, but will probably require it more often as the time goes on, especially since I plan to celebrate NO-vember as well. Thank You Mistress Carol for everything You do to make the world a little brighter!


Date 10/21/2020

I'm up to week three now. Helping out around my parents house has been a nice distraction (I've only had time to listen to the 30-Day-Chastity file once but it seems to help keep the urges under control.) My arousal continues to build, and my dreams and fantasies have become more focused on submissive and feminization. My very first online Dominant insisted that I learn to enjoy nipple stimulation until I reached the point of being able to bring myself to orgasm just by playing with them, and lately they have become hyper-sensitive. Just the feeling of the material of my shirt sliding across them will cause them to stiffen along with my caged member. With at least nine more weeks of denial ahead of me


Date 10/29/2020

"Locktober" continues for me at day 29 – I am in the home stretch of the month-long chastity vow in obedience for Mistress Carol and to please Her. It is starting to feel like a particularly good personal accomplishment to reach this point in this month of chastity. However, I will say these past few days has been a roller coaster ride of personal emotions for me – bouncing between needing to obey Mistress and stay chaste for Her.... and then to the other extreme of surrendering to my most basic personal need for release. At times it was a difficult as the pleasure builds up in me, but I have remained in hypnosis-chastity for this twenty nine days. I also experienced many other emotions in between this month along with dealing with some other personal happenings in my offline life this month which added a difficult twist to it all for me. As I think about it all, this time around chastity has involved a more “Mistress centered” set of thoughts in me instead of a “me centered” thoughts like last time in chastity three years ago.. I am finding that my thoughts during the days now seem to always float back to thinking about Mistress Carol and my desire wanting to please Her by staying in chastity or to posting on Twitter for Her or thinking about how beautiful She is and to be so thankful for Her in my life, etc. Overall this hypnosis chastity experience has been a rewarding one for me so far in that during this year I have also decided to become more focused on increasing my submissive training for Mistress Carol with the goal of working towards becoming a good hypnosis-slave in training for Her and in Her Hypnotic Domain. I am very thankful for this month of being in chastity for Mistress Carol to help further increase my training of my internal submissive side and to help show my continued appreciation, respect, adoration, and devotion for Her. Thank You Mistress Carol.

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