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Worship at Canary Wharf by Mistress Clarissa

Worship at Canary Wharf by Mistress Clarissa

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In this session Mistress Clarissa shares a very sexy account of a real encounter between herself and one of her hypno subs. Her pleasure at his obedience, compliance, and utter openness and suggestibility to her will, are evident from her account as is her enjoyment of using trigger words having her boots and stockings worshipped and face sitting. Her voice will effortlessly transport you to a deep and oh so sexy trance. This session was written and recorded by Mistress Clarissa and produced by Mistress Carol.

Themes:  Deep trance, obedience, submission, trigger words, slave training, boot licking, stocking worship, face sitting, masturbation.  Effects:  Background music, heavy background vocals, brainwave entrainment.  This session is 22:31 minutes.

To listen to a sample, click here:  SAMPLE OF WORSHIP AT CANARY WHARF

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