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Stub It Out

Stub It Out

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In this file Mistress Clarissa uses her lovely soft voice and clear British accent to full affect for therapeutic purposes to help you stop smoking. Mistress Clarissa apparently effortlessly fully relaxes you taking you deep in order to talk to the core of you. She explains that on this occasion her intention is not to bind you to her as her hypnotic slave but to help you, to sooth you, to teach you mindfulness techniques with which to manage cravings and to keep you strong in your resolve to stop smoking. Mistress wants you to remain anchored in your rational self because she wants you to care for yourself and to be happy and healthy. In this file Mistress Clarissa's compassion and understanding come to the fore as she uses her hypnotic skills and powers of persuasion to support those ready to stop smoking.

Themes: relaxation, mindfulness, stopping smoking.

To listen to a sample at, click the following link:

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