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Honour and Obey - by Mistress Clarissa

Honour and Obey - by Mistress Clarissa

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Honour and Obey is the first in a series of Mistress Clarissa obedience/mantra sessions.  This session will put you in a very deep trance where Mistress Clarissa will take you into her world, use your mind and implant her commands into it.  You will fall easily and completely for her just by listening to her soft sexy yet commanding British voice.  This session uses heavy layered vocal tracks and deep trance is unavoidable. 

Themes:  Deep trance, repeated mantras, submission, surrender.  Effects:  Background music, heavy background vocals, bass drum beats and brainwave entrainment.  This session is 32:49 long and 60.1 MB. 

To listen to a sample, click here:

5 Stars
In anticipation of Mistress Carol's London trip later this year, Mistress Carol recommended this file and what a file. It is my first exposure to Mistress Clarissa, and I must admit it felt odd submitting to another Mistress, but that feeling was down more to my conditioning to Mistress Carol (who I do truly adore) than anything amiss with Mistress Clarissa's work. Her power some becomes very evident and trance just kept getting deeper. I have difficulty fully switching off and somehow always retain awareness - no such luck. I remember being in Mistress Clarissa's embrace and then - - - - 5, wake up. I have no idea, not even a vague impression, of what may have happened. After 3 repeats (my player repeats automatically and if I don't react quick enough to stop it, I'm lost for some time), I was so relaxed it felt that every bone in my body had been removed, every movement languid and limp. Just thinking about the trance and co-ordinating my hands to type gets trickier. This is some mighty powerful trance Mistress Clarissa has crafted. I adore Mistress Carol, and I gladly Honour and Obey Mistress Clarissa
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Cambridge UK. on 3/31/2016
5 Stars
Grateful for this deep deep trance
In advance of future time with Mistress Clarissa, either by Skype or in person, I thought it would be a better idea to expand my library of her files, which also includes "London Fog". Her voice is distinctive, assertive, yet gentle and comforting. With repetition and background sounds, I fell deeper and deeper and ever so much deeper in trance, as I accepted the suggestions to obey, serve, and crave the commands of Mistress Clarissa, in or out of trance. I greatly appreciate this opportunity to be guided to meet her expectations. I awoke refreshed and changed, likely forever. Thank you so much.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from St Louis. on 9/11/2016
5 Stars
Sub Addicted To Hypno
Thank you Mistress For the opportunity to experience your control and will. Honor & Obey had me recite your mantra and then once I had voiced my devotion to you, I was taken by your beautiful voice and words, down into your world. Once there I don't know what you did as I was completely under your spell and have no memory of triggers or commands you planted. I know that once they are triggered I will respond as you command. I am sincerely looking forward to you next session and I will continue to give my self to you until you release it. I am also intrigued by future recordings with both you and Mistress Carol. Thank you for allowing me to worship you.
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Reviewed by:  from USA. on 3/28/2016

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