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About Mistress Carol

My reason for making these erotic hypnosis recordings and my philosophy towards being a Hypnodomme are simple.  I love being in control!  My life slave was the first to express an interest in erotic hypnosis and he discovered this pleasure by listening to other Hypnodommes.  At first I thought this was funny watching him twitch and shudder while under hypnosis by another woman.  Then I was quite surprised how he would react when I used the triggers that had been implanted.  This gave me a great idea and my journey into erotic hypnosis began.  When I began to look into the recordings he was listening to, I found that some Hypnodommes wanted to control his wallet in addition to his mind.  Since his control belongs to me, I decided that I would make his recordings or allow him to listen only to other Hypnodommes I trusted.
Initially my erotic hypnosis recordings were for my slave, but it became clear that I could provide budding dominants, wives and girlfriends with hypnosis sessions that implant triggers they could use with their partners.  They would have control over the submissive, slave, boyfriend or husband that they previously didn't have (what fun!). 
I have been a practicing dominant for over ten years.  I am not a professional dominatrix in the traditional sense of the word as I have always restricted my personal slaves to just a few.  I am, however, a dominatrix with a full dungeon and devoted slaves.  I am not looking for any new live-in slaves, but I am looking for hypno-slaves and I am glad you are here to explore this idea.  I do not want financial slaves either and you will only pay for the recordings you truly want.

Mistress Carol